How to get NBC Sports without cable

The simplest way to watch NBC Sport Network shows without cable is to subscribe to a live streaming service.

When the NBC Sports Network shut down, many of the sport shows were moved to the USA Network and the Peacock network.

However, it  is simpler to just subscribe to a streaming service that has this sport content for a monthly fee and gives you access to all the other content on this platform as well as the NBC Sports Application.

What happened to NBC Sports?

The NBC Sports Network was one of the most popular ways that people could watch live events and other sports content of their favourite sports.

This service was offered included in your subscription through participating cable, satellite, and telco TV (television) providers. However, on 31 December 2021, this service was shut down by NBC Universal.

Most of the sports content that was previously featured on this network is now  shown on USA Network and the Peacock network, with some new content, like the Premier League, NASCAR, INDYCAR, and the Olympic Games added  on the network.

It is also important to note that Regional Sports Networks were not affected by this change.

How to get NBC Sports without cable

The NBC Sports Network shutting down means that you may have to think carefully about which networks and streaming services you subscribe to in order to ensure you can keep watching coverage of your favourite live and on-demand sports programs.

Since most of the sporting content that used to be featured on the NBC Sports Network has now been moved to USA Network and Peacock, these two networks are obvious choices for if you want to continue watching NBC Sports Network shows, but this may not be the simplest solution.

USA Network is offered on most cable packages, but it can be difficult to access this network without cable.

When it comes to Peacock, although this streaming service is free, you need to subscribe to the Premium package offering in order to watch Live sports events.

This Premium Peacock subscription costs $9.99 per month and you can watch an array of shows on up to 3 devices at once as well as have access to all of the other content that Peacock has to offer viewers.

Pick a Peacock Plan here

Many tech-savvy sport fans agree, though, that the best way to watch NBC Sports Network shows without cable is to use a streaming service, such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, and DIRECTV STREAM.

How to watch and stream NBC Sports?

What do these streaming services cost?

There are many live streaming services to choose from if you want to watch NBC Sports Network content. However, most of these streaming services require that you subscribe and pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to access this content.

If you are strategic about which sports you would like to watch and when, you can take advantage of as many of the free trial periods that streaming services offer as you can to determine which streaming service will be best for you.

These trial periods and regular pricing for these services are:

Streaming service Pricing per month Free trial
Sling TV $35 to $50
YouTube TV $64.99 7 day free trial
FuboTV $33 to $79.99 7 day free trial
Hulu + Live TV $69.99
DIRECTV STREAM $69.99 to $139.99 5 day free trial

Which channels are available on these streaming services?

Although you will have access to many of the NBC Sport Network shows on these streaming platforms, it is also important to remember that you will receive access to the rest of the library of shows that each of these streaming services offers, such as:

Streaming service Number of channels Notable channels
Sling TV Over 50 channels NFL Network, Stadium, TNT, Fox, Fox Sports, NBC, and ESPN 2 and 3
YouTube TV Over 85 channels ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network, NBC Sports, MLB Network, Golf Channel, NBA TV, NBCSN, and SEC ESPN
FuboTV Over 100 channels NBA TV, CBS Sports, beIN Sports, Fox Soccer Plus, and Fox Sports
Hulu + Live TV Over 75 channels USA Network, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN U, ESPN Goal Line, CBS Sports, Fox Sports 1 and 2, and NBC Golf
DIRECTV STREAM Over 65 channels ESPN, Fox Sports 1 and 2, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, HGTV, FX, and Comedy Central

Will you have access to the NBC Sports Application?

Subscribing to these streaming services, also provides you with log in credentials to sign into the NBC Sports Application. This includes Sling TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, and DIRECTV STREAM.

This application allows you to watch live content from several NBC Sport network shows from anywhere, at any time.