How to get on House Hunters International

To get on House Hunters International, you will need to send an email to the casting department of the show, showcasing your story and personality.

House Hunters International keeps the same format as the original House Hunters series, but it adds new and exciting global locations for an extra twist.

If you want to be on the show as a potential international home buyer, you can apply through the show’s casting email address. You may be interviewed if your story seems intriguing enough.

Why is House Hunters International so popular?

The popular spin-off series, House Hunters International, puts a new spin on a familiar format.

Fans have loved watching potential new homeowners search through three entirely unique properties at three vastly different price points in order to find the home that is right for them since the original House Hunters started airing back in 1999.

But House Hunters International gives fans the opportunity to see a wide range of properties in over 140 countries around the globe.

There are few things more exciting than watching as these buyers uproot their entire lives and throw themselves into a new culture, and an entirely new real-estate market abroad, while looking for all of the amenities that they had back home.

How to get on House Hunters International

Watching House hunters International is certainly entertaining enough, and brings in about 1.3 million average viewers per episode to this day.

For this reason, many people who watch the show are interested in how it would be to be on the other side of the camera as a potential international home buyer.

Fortunately, just about anybody can apply to be on the regular House Hunters and House Hunters International shows by following just a few simple steps.

HGTV invites any potential buyers who are considering buying or renting a home outside of the United States and are energetic enough to make an interesting episode to apply for the show via their official email channel.

The show is looking for content from countries all around the globe and all you need to do to apply is to send an email to the show’s casting department via the [email protected] email address showcasing your reality-television-ready personality and a few crucial details about your move overseas.

From there, your application will be processed and screened by the House Hunters International team.

Some buyers who were previously featured on the show have also reportedly been entered via the international estate-agents who have ties to the show.

Although this is a much less reliable way of going about things if you are truly interested in being chosen to be featured on House Hunters International.

What to include in your application email

As with the casting for any reality television program, it is important to ensure that your application email stands out.

Your application should convince the casting department of House Hunters International that you and your household would be an entertaining addition to the show, but it is also important that you include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your current location
  • The new location that you are planning on moving to
  • Your estimated move date
  • A photo of you and your family

Who can apply to be on the show?

Though HGTV keeps their criteria for approving and disapproving applications quite a closely-guarded secret, almost anyone can theoretically apply to be on the show.

According to the HGTV casting call for House Hunters International, you simply need to be looking to rent or buy a home overseas if you are currently residing in the United States, or you need to be English-speaking if you live outside of the United States and are looking to buy or rent a home in another country in order to qualify to apply for the show.

A rundown of the applications process

Elizabeth Newcamp and her husband, Jeff, applied and were chosen for both the original House Hunters and the House Hunters International shows. The couple opened up about their experiences after the fact.

As can be expected, the application email is only the first step in the application process to be on House Hunters International.

After your initial application is screened, you will be subjected to further interviews before you can be selected to be on the show.

However, Elizabeth warns that even if you are chosen to appear on the show after the interviews with the casting department, the filming schedule for the show will not be confirmed for some time.

Once everything is finalized, the filming and production team will meet you at your new location and filming should take about a week to complete.