How to get paid on Snapchat

How you can get paid from being a Snapchat user, how to create a public profile, and how to build an audience to consume your content and make you money.


The world of social media today has gone beyond people just using it as a platform to express themselves and to post their content. The use of social media now has many opportunities to advance you financially too, through getting paid for the impact you make on the platform.

Snapchat is on the list of social media platforms that will pay you for the influence and impact you have on the platform. This is in terms of your content and the number of followers you are able to attract to follow your profile and overall activity and the popularity you gain.

Money on Snapchat

The concept of making money on Snapchat will require you to know exactly what it is you would need to do to be on the right track towards making some money. You will need to be thoroughly prepared and know all the right tools and tricks to follow to help you to cement your way towards achieving an income on the Snapchat application. Especially if you know that the content you will have to offer could definitely see you making some money. Things you will need to prepare is building your audience and profile.

Getting paid on Snapchat

To make money from the Snapchat application, following the right processes and tips can be able to help you significantly and also possibly fast track your way to making money if you do everything you need to, to successfully start your journey. There are certain steps you will need to follow in order to make the process as smooth as it needs to be.

The first step to ensuring you start your journey correctly is to create a public profile on Snapchat. This way, you have made your profile public as opposed to private, meaning that everyone will be able to see your posted content.

The next thing to think about would be your audience. You are going to have to grow an audience that will be consuming your content in order for you to make money. Understanding audiences is crucial, and finally exploring money-making ideas.

How do you create a public Snapchat profile?

Attracting more followers means having a public Snapchat profile. To do this tap your profile or story icon on the top left, select the Add to Snap Map option and click the third dot to open the Create Public Profile option. Click continue and you will be taken to a page where you will click on Get Started. Tap the Create button to start creating your public profile. You will be led to the Settings screen, to select My Public Profile in the Public Profiles you will tap on it to edit and set.

Tips to grow your audience

Growing your audience will be key to making more money from the platform. Some ways of doing this will be to utilise other platforms to invite people to follow your Snapchat profile. Use the best editing software’s for your content to make it more appealing to followers. The better the quality, the more attractive it will be. Make use of your snapcode by putting it in posts and articles through crowd marketing, and post to your story 20 times but do not overdo it. This can get people interested in what you might be saying or doing.

Ways to make money on Snapchat

To make money on Snapchat, having built a good following, you can make and promote content for certain products for people. You can design and start Geofilters to help advertise places or events that tie in to your niche content. Geofilters help to create more responsiveness to your brand. You can advertise your products and services through sponsored posts and images. Snapchat allows you to create a business page sharing information on what you do. Making Snap Ads and call-to-action buttons can make you money. Call-to-action buttons make followers want to click on them.


So, making money on Snapchat is possible, if you are able to set up all the components that you need to get started. As long as you have your public profile set up and know the type of content you will be sharing and promoting, you are almost there.

It is important to remember that you will need to understand the audience you will be catering to, as they will be the key to making you money through growing your following. Find and follow ways to build your following as more followers, means more content consumption and money.