How to get paid on TikTok

What do TikTok creators do in order to make money from the platform, how they can actually make and determining if TikTok is a profitable venture to pursue.

If you have a TikTok account and think that you have the potential to offer great content that could go viral, then you might want to or have already thought of ways for you to make money from what you potentially think could grow into something greater.

How to get paid on TikTok

There are a variety of ways for TikTok creators to get paid for their content, and exploring these options for yourself could lead you to making good money from your TikTok account.

What are TikTok creators doing to get paid?

People on TikTok have found many strategies to make a profit from being on the platform and making content on it.

Creators have found ways of building accounts and then trading them. This seems to be a trend that is growing in the eCommerce space.

Creators will select their niche and start creating fun content related to that niche, with the objective that it goes viral and attracts the perfect customer or brand to purchase the TikTok profile and make money.

This makes it much easier for a brand to continue selling products off the account, as it has already gained traction.

Another way creators are making money is through asking followers for donations on Lives, as with other platforms.

How this is done, is that TikTok users can purchase coins (a hundred coins costing $1.39), and your followers can choose to send you coins whenever you go live as a token of appreciation for the work you put into your content or for other reasons.

The TikTok creator can then turn the coins into diamonds, which will convert to cash through PayPal.

The TikTok ads platform is another way of getting paid. You can run your ads through TikTok if you are a seller of products and services.

You can offer creators on TikTok your management services, whereby you help creators with large followings in coming up with the content and creative plans to continue growing.

For those who have mastered the TikTok app and know all the tricks to being successful, you could position yourself to offer up some consulting services.

This will allow you to make use of what you have learnt on the platform in order to help other people get to grow and become successful too.

It is especially favourable if you have some sort of professional background or experience in consulting services, as this will be a sure way for people to pay you for helping them boost their TikTok profiles.

How much can TikTok influencers or creators potentially earn?

Creators on TikTok will get paid for their content in line with how many likes they can gather from a post, the number of views and comments they can gain on sponsored content. Sponsored advertisements will generally pay creators for every 1 000 views.

So, if a creator gets an average of $450 per 1 million views, they are earning about $0.9 for every 1 000 views.

TikTok creators also make money for every post they put up. If you are posting content for a brand, you can earn up to $1 000 just for one post with 100 000 views and above.

If your videos are for sponsors, then you are looking at making between $100 to $250 for each post. It is best as a content creator to maintain a balance between how much sponsored posts you post, and the non-sponsored posts to maintain your audience.

So that you are not simply spending more time on sponsored content, and completely forgetting about your original content for your followers.

So, is TikTok a worthwhile venture?

As noted, freelancers can manage to earn a decent income by making use of TikTok’s live streaming, sponsorships by brands, cross-platform promotions, selling of merchandise, offering consulting services and through selling accounts that have gained a large following and support.

Earnings will, however, vary with the average ranging from $200 to $1 000 per month for people with 100 000 followers. For people with over a million followers, it is between $1 000 and $5 000 per month.

You do not have to stop there but can make added money from other ideas such as selling merchandise, promoting products for affiliate sales and promoting your other social media accounts.

TikTok will be worth investing time in if you are willing to work to make the money.

Making use of all the strategies you can implement to make extra cash will play to your advantage if you work for it.