How to make money with 1 000 followers on Instagram

How can Instagram users make money both on and off the platform with only 1 000 followers by using affiliate links, selling digital products and social media services?

Many people are now looking to social media platforms for ways of making money and gaining influence while doing so. Some users with influence are already winning in terms of monetizing their social media content.

This is why influences such as having the right number of followers impact how you monetize your content.

On Instagram, there are various ways of making money, even if you only have 1 000 followers and maybe even less. Making money with 1 000 followers and or less is possible, you just need to be smart about how you do it, as there are ways.

Making money with 1 000 Instagram followers

It is without a doubt a well-known fact that the more followers you have on a platform like Instagram, the more potential you have of making money or being approached by certain brands to represent them while sponsoring you.

Having a large following makes you attractive to certain markets, especially those on social media. The more followers you have, the greater influence you possess.

This opens up a window of opportunities to make money from outside parties or Instagram itself. That being said, having only 1 000 followers or less, does not mean that you cannot still make money.

How to make money with 1 000 followers on Instagram

Many people think that having thousands and even millions of Instagram followers will qualify you to make money on the app, but this is far from the truth.

It is still possible to make yourself some money in other ways that only require you to have about 1 000 followers and sometimes even less.

The trick is to be smart and find ways to engage your followers, as the more engaged they are the better the chances of making money with just 1 000 followers.

Ways that you can do this is through promoting affiliate links and sales, publishing sponsored posts with influencer marketing, selling your photos, managing other Instagram accounts, and advertising digital products and tools.

If you have a small business, you can also sell your physical products using Instagram to showcase them and if these are not up your street, you could also offer social media services.

How to offer social media services to make money

There are a lot of businesses, big and small, that are looking to find people who can help them manage and build their social media pages such as Instagram.

You can offer up your social media services to help them build their Instagram presence. You can do this by creating their Instagram photos for them and helping them respond to their business-related direct messages, comments and queries.

You are basically offering your assistance at helping them manage their account and getting paid to do so, even with your 1000 followers.

How to sell digital products to make money on Instagram

There are a lot of digital platforms that are looking for social media users to promote them and get them users. To make money with 1 000 followers on your Instagram, you can use your account to promote and sell digital products.

You can sell things such as courses to take on Udemy, write some eBooks on your favourite topics, create webinars teaching users how to do something, sell more money-making platforms by advertising them on your Instagram or create video courses.

To do all this, you need to provide users with the links.

Making money through affiliate links

Joining an affiliate network and using it to link to different products on your Instagram can also make you money.

Including affiliate links to your Instagram gives other users the opportunity to click on the links and make some purchases of the products.

When users make some purchases, you will then earn a commission from that sale because a customer purchased the product using your link.

You can include affiliate links on your Instagram posts as well as in your stories, not forgetting your Instagram bio, which is what most users opt for.

Final Thoughts

Social media platforms have become about much more than sharing your posts and posting your content.

It has become a tool for people to build their followers and make some money through monetizing their social media pages, while also making money from parties outside of Instagram.

Having a lot of followers on Instagram is known to increase your chances of making money, as it indicates that you are influential and have an impact on the platform.

It is still, however, possible to make money with only 1 000 followers and not necessarily thousands or even millions.