How to play 8 Ball on Instagram

How 8 Ball Pool is associated with Instagram for advertising by Miniclip and can be hosted on the platform, but cannot be played on Instagram.

8 Ball is a very popular pool game that can be played online. With the rise of social media platforms allowing users to play an array of different online games, 8 Ball Pool is no exception.

However, the question we now ask is whether 8 Ball can be played on Instagram.

Some social media apps such as Facebook and Snapchat have made it possible to play games on them. 8 Ball Pool is a popular one, but Instagram users may be wondering if they can play it on the app, either alone or with followers.

Playing 8 Ball on Instagram

Online gaming has taken to popular social media and sharing platforms. Facebook and Snapchat are the two main apps that are currently known to allow users to play online games on them, either by themselves or by competing with other users through inviting them to play.

8 Ball Pool is a popular pool game that can be played online or downloaded onto your device. If you are using Instagram and are wondering if you can play 8 Ball Pool on the app, unfortunately, this is not possible on Instagram itself.

How to play 8 Ball on Instagram

For those who had hopes of playing 8 Ball on Instagram, this is not possible.

Instagram does not offer gaming, however, the gaming site – Miniclip, which offers 8 Ball Pool as one of its most popular online games, does use Instagram to advertise its gaming trailers in Instagram video ads.

If you look through Instagram, you will find the official 8 Ball Pool Instagram account.

This is where you will find under the Instagram bio that you can play 8 Ball on the web via Miniclip, or you can download it for both Android and iOS devices.

The links to all three channels of playing 8 Ball Pool are available, making it easy for you to have access to playing the game however you wish to play it.

Whether it is on your devices or on the actual Miniclip gaming website, but not directly from Instagram.

What is Miniclip?

Miniclip is a Swiss company and is the leading online games site founded in 2001. It boasts over 200 million active users playing games in 195 different countries.

Miniclip is one of the top 10 biggest Facebook developers, and its leading games on the site are 8 Ball Pool, which is said to boast over 10 billion game plays.

Additionally, it is the seventeenth most popular free game on the Apple App Store. You get to create your own Miniclip avatar to represent you in your games that you can dress up.

How Miniclip used Instagram for App installs

After Instagram enabled ads for businesses globally from September 2015, Miniclip saw an opportunity to take advantage of this and advertise their gaming trailers.

Miniclip wanted to add Instagram advertising for app installs on both iOS and Android for its 8 Ball Pool, along with its existing channels on Facebook.

It made use of native video ads for customer engagement, and for their first ad campaign that received a positive response. Miniclip targeted male users from 18 to 39 years old in the United States of America on their Apple devices.

What were the results of Miniclip’s first large campaign?

As a result of the first 8 Ball campaign launched by Miniclip on Instagram, over 100 000 people in the United States clicked on the video for 8 Ball Pool.

The ad is said to have received a very positive response and engagement with just $0.03 per view for the video.

54 percent of people who clicked on it actually installed the app on their devices at a 22 percent lower cost per install than the previous ad campaigns launched by the Miniclip site.

Final thoughts

Many social media platforms allow users the access to play different kinds of games online through the platform with other users and their friends.

8 Ball is a popular online pool game that can be played online, but in the case of Instagram, 8 Ball cannot be played through the app.

8 Ball is, instead, associated with Instagram for being used by the online gaming site, Miniclip, to advertise its platform and the 8 Ball pool game which saw the success of the ad campaign on Instagram.

This advertisement helped to earn a good response through engagement and game downloads.