How to reset LG dual inverter AC

You can reset your LG inverter AC with the plug, at the power outlet or at the breaker, but this will not always get rid of issues.

The LG dual inverter air conditioners (ACs) do not have a singular compressor which cycles on and off continuously, and this leads to a much less disruptive air conditioning system.

However, these ACs are not perfect, and there are a couple of different ways that you can go about resetting an LG dual inverter AC if you are experiencing any issues.

About the LG dual inverter AC

The LG dual inverter air conditioners are definitely at the cutting edge. These units offer a wide variety of ultra-convenient features to ensure that your home is not only cool and comfortable, but also quiet and serene.

Where regular ACs usually only have one compressor, which cycles on and off continuously, the dual inverter-type air conditioners have two compressors that work together to avoid this constant cycle.

This leads to a much quieter, more effective and more efficient air conditioning experience, overall.

How to reset LG dual inverter AC

However, although the LG dual inverter ACs seem to have everything going for them, they are not indestructible.

If your LG dual inverter AC has been giving you trouble, or if there is an error code that you just cannot seem to get rid of, a good-old reset should always be your first step.

Most of the newer LG ACs have a handy-dandy “RESET” button built right into the unit’s plug.

This means that if you need to reset your AC after a power outage or if you simply want to periodically test the unit, you can simply press the “TEST” button to interrupt the power flow and then press the “RESET” button to restore the power flow.

It is important that you ensure that whatever electrical problem was causing the outage (if there was one) is fixed before you press the “RESET” button.

You can also reset your LG dual inverter AC, by essentially doing the same thing at the outlet or at the breaker box.

You simply need to turn off the outlet and unplug your AC, or find the breaker switch which is responsible for supplying power to your AC and flip the switch off.

You then need to wait a few minutes to ensure that the AC really is completely off before turning everything back on. This should reset your AC entirely.

However, if you want to reset your AC because the “Clean Filter” light or a different error message will not go off, you may need to follow a few extra steps.

Things to check before resetting your LG dual inverter AC

If you are experiencing ongoing errors or issues with the operation of your AC, it is safest to consult the professionals.

However, there are some common troubleshooting questions that you can ask yourself before resetting the entire unit, including the following:

  • Is the unit plugged in and turned on?
  • Has the breaker tripped?
  • Could the curtains, furniture, etc. be blocking airflow to the unit?
  • Have you cleaned the filers recently?
  • Are the coils frozen?

What to do if the “RESET” button will not stay engaged

If the “RESET” button on your LG dual inverter AC will not stay engaged, this could indicate that there is an electrical problem with your power outlet or the unit.

For this reason, it is best not to continue using the unit until a professional HVAC technician has inspected it.

The LG dual inverter window units may also have some water leakage, which may be causing this issue. So it is worth your while to ensure that the plug is completely dry before attempting a reset.

How to reset the “Clean Filter” light on your LG dual inverter AC

Resetting your LG AC will not make the “Clean Filter” light on the display panel of your unit turn off if you have not also removed and cleaned your air filters.

You need to clean your air filters every two weeks in order to ensure that your AC has the optimal airflow. Fortunately, the process is not difficult.

You simply need to remove the air filters (which are located behind the front panel of the unit) and then carefully clean them using a soft brush and lukewarm water.

Make sure that your unit is turned off before starting this process and that the filters are completely dry before placing them back in the unit.

Once the filters are back in, press the “TEMP” button on the display panel and then press the up and down arrows simultaneously to reset the “Clean Filter” light.