How to start selling things on Etsy

How can you start selling products on Etsy by opening a shop, how can beginners go about selling successfully and what are the tips for beginners to adopt?

Should you be looking to make a profit from selling some products on a website, Etsy could be the platform for you to start your journey as a beginner.

There are tips and tricks to selling items successfully on Etsy as a beginner, but you will want to consider all your options first, in terms of how you will ensure that your items sell.

Additionally, you will also have to consider the pros and cons of selling on Etsy just to weigh all your options in determining if it is the right platform for you and your venture.

How can beginners sell successfully on Etsy?

To be able to sell your items on Etsy as a beginner, you would need to ensure that you apply the right strategies. When you first start selling your products, you will pick up when certain items are not doing as well as others.

You need to identify this and make sure that you are choosing to sell the best performing products according to sales.

This would entail noting the trends in what your customers seem to like. The success of your shop will be determined by successful products, which will most definitely make you the money you are looking for.

Look into creating batches of your products. As a beginner, it might be best to select the items you could make in batches, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you are accumulating larger quantities of orders that you might be struggling to get shipped out to customers in time.

So, select items you can batch or if not, let your customers know that an order for a specific item may take a certain time to prepare and get shipped.

To successfully sell on Etsy, beginners need to carefully consider their Etsy search engine optimisation (SEO) and their product imagery. Ensure that your SEO titles, tags and description of your product are related specifically to your product and updated.

The image quality of your products will draw a customer to want to purchase your product or not, so look into getting good quality images by getting a good camera and lighting to get the best product imagery.

As a beginner, make sure that you will market your product well and consider other platforms for your marketing needs. Pinterest could be a good place to market your products, as many users actually use the platform to determine their shopping.

How to start selling things on Etsy

You would first need to open your Etsy store on the website, choose the country you are in, the currency you are selling in and the language, followed by choosing a good name.

You would need to state if selling your products is on a full-time or part-time basis, just for information purposes. In choosing a name for your shop, it will need to be between four to 20 characters, containing no spaces and no special characters in it.

It will need to be clean, with no use of negative and inappropriate language. Your name will have to be unique, as it cannot be the same as another Etsy seller or breach another seller’s brand.

Once your shop has been created, you can then set out to add all the products you are looking to sell in your shop and choose how you would want to be paid by selecting one of the payment methods available.

For sellers in a country regarded as eligible, Etsy payments would be the payment method to select, which allows customers to choose from a variety of options to pay for their orders.

Create your billing for the country you are in by entering a credit or debit card to get your shop opened. Once that is done, you are ready to open your shop and start selling.

What are some tips and tricks for beginners?

Come up with a niche for your products in order to attract more customers. Go through some of your history, and this will help you to choose products that seem to be attracting customers and chose to sell.

Your browsing history can tell you which products random buyers tend to search for on Etsy. Learning how to make use of keywords in your SEO descriptions, titles and other parts of listings will save you and work in your favour.

Commit to a set pricing plan and ensure to engage with your customers. Etsy offers you good opportunities to make money selling products. Make sure to apply good strategies as a beginner.