An easy guide on how to use the Dash Mini Rice Cooker

The Dash Mini Rice Cooker is the solution to unintentionally burning rice due to forgetfulness, as it produces fluffy rice after being in the cooker for 20 minutes. 

Cooking rice manually is one of the easiest things to do, but it can also be one of the easiest starches to burn or overcook if left unattended for too long.  One way this fact has been mitigated is through the popularity of the Dash Mini Rice Cooker.

In 2017, Dash introduced the mini rice cooker product line, touting the rice cooker as, “A small and mighty appliance, perfectly portioned for meals and meal preparation, the Dash Mini Rice Cooker is the one pot to cook it all.”

Arguably, the popularity of the mini rice cooker then garnered popularity in 2019, as the review videos on the product began to populate YouTube and social media.

While there are other mini rice cookers currently available on the market, it can be argued that the Dash Mini Rice Cooker is one of the most popular choices.

What is the Dash Mini Rice Cooker?

When it was first introduced, the description of the mini rice cooker read, “Make 2 cups of rice, grains, soups, stews, and more with this easy-to-use appliance featuring PFOA-free non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe and durable, this compact cooker is perfect for dorms, to apartments, to offices.”

Moreover, at the time of the release of the mini rice cooker, Dash had added a 14-meal recipe book with the mini rice cooker.

The then intention was an effort to showcase the versatility of the cooker, despite its selling point being to cook rice.

While it was understood what the purpose of the mini rice cooker was when it was first released, the hesitation on purchasing the mini rice cooker stemmed from how one actually uses the contraception.

A step-by-step guide to using the Dash Mini Rice Cooker

However, the steps are easy to follow and once you have used it once for cooking rice, the mechanics thereof are not hard to follow.

This is especially true for people that have cooked rice before. The steps are similar, with the only difference being that the cooker eliminates the possibility of burning the rice, should you neglect it.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1

Take 2 cups of rice. This is as the mini rice cook can only handle a maximum of two cups. However, if cooking for a single-serving meal, then you can add less rice.

Step 2

Rinse the rice under cold water. This is aimed at removing some of the starch on the rice in order to avoid cooking rice, which will either be tough or create a mash.

Step 3

After rinsing the rice, add a cup of water for every cup of rice added. Note, this is in reference to white rice, as brown rice usually requires a cup and half of water to every cup of brown rice.

Step 4

Place the mini pot onto the mini pressure cooker and seal with a lid.

Step 5

Plug in the Dash Mini Rice Cooker. Initially, the “Warm” option will be lit. You need to press down on the knob handle, which will result in the “Cook” option being lit. This means the rice is cooking.

Step 6

After 20 minutes, the knob will pop back up and the “Warm” option will be lit. This means that the rice cooker is done and is warming the cooked rice until the cooker is turned off.


While the Dash Mini Rice Cooker is touted for cooking rice, the mini rice cooker is also used to cook other meals including lentils, quinoa, pasta, grains, oatmeal, stews and beans. This is just what the recipe book has shared. However, for avid cooks, the possibilities in using the mini rice cook can be boundless.

Where can I purchase a Dash Mini Rice Cooker?

Amazon currently has a wide selection of the Dash Mini Rice Cooker. For new Dash Mini Rice Cookers, each retails for $24.99.

In the box, besides the mini pressure cooker, Dash has also included the following, “a 1-year manufacturer warranty and includes a rice paddle, measuring cup, removable pot with PFOA-free non-stick coating, recipe book and recipe database access.”

Moreover, the range comes in a selection of colours, besides the signature black design. Some of the additional colours include a pastel pink, blue, white, red, or grey for those looking to use the cooker as a pop-of-colour accent in the kitchen.

Moreover, Amazon has also made it possible to purchase previously used Dash Mini Rice Cookers for the same $24.99 price point.

An easy guide on how to use the Dash Mini Rice Cooker An easy guide on how to use the Dash Mini Rice Cooker
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