How to watch NBA League Pass on TV

In order to stream games and shows on your TV using your NBA League Pass, you need to link this to your account on the application.

The NBA (National Basketball Association) League Pass is a subscription-based streaming service that gives fans access to different kinds of NBA content.

To use the NBA League Pass to stream and watch NBA games and shows on your television, you need to purchase the pass and then use those credentials to sign into the NBA application on your television.

What is the NBA League Pass?

The NBA League Pass is a subscription service that allows you to stream all the live NBA games, on-demand games, and in-studio shows for games during the NBA season.

It also includes access to popular past games, replays, and highlight reels for games as well as various types of content of home and away games.

There are also various features that draw customers to the League Pass, including the in-stream statistics and information, which you can monitor without closing the screen, and the many language options viewers can choose from for each game.

How to watch NBA League Pass on TV

The NBA League Pass is available to stream on many devices, which include IOS mobile applications, Android mobile applications, Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, Series X Roku, PlayStation 4 and 5, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Firestick.

In some cases, the NBA League Pass is only available to stream in select countries on these devices.

Once you have ensured that your device and country are compatible with the pass, there are only a few simple steps to follow to start streaming NBA content from your device.

The NBA League Pass does not work in the same way that a regular NBA television channel does. Instead, it works through a mobile application where content is streamed.

You can then sign into the NBA mobile application or log in via your web browser with your NBA or TV provider account, which is linked to your NBA League Pass, to stream this content.

There are several ways of watching NBA League Pass content, depending on the television you are trying to watch the content on, but the process mostly involves downloading and signing into the NBA mobile application.

How to watch NBA League Pass through a TV provider subscription

If you want to stream your NBA League Pass through your TV provider subscription, it is important to note that you will have to log in with the username and password associated with your TV provider subscription and you need to contact your TV provider if you do not have this information before you can stream with the NBA League Pass.

Once you have this information, the process to start streaming is as follows:

  • Step 1: Download and open the NBA application on your device
  • Step 2: Go to the Settings menu
  • Step 3: Open the “TV Provider” tab and click the “Sign In” button
  • Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions for your specific TV provider

How to watch NBA League Pass on Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV, the process to sign in and stream content with your NBA League Pass is a bit different from other devices, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox.

In order to stream with your NBA Leagues Pass on your Apple TV, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the Apple App Store and download the NBA application on your Apple TV
  • Step 2: Open the NBA application after you have downloaded it
  • Step 3: Select the “Sign In” option
  • Step 4: Select the “Restore Purchase” option
  • Step 5: Type in your information and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process

How to watch NBA League Pass on other television devices

The process for most televisions on which the NBA League Pass is supported works in the same way. You need to purchase your NBA League Pass subscription first, through the NBA website iTunes, Google Play, or your TV provider, as stated above.

Once you have purchased your subscription, you can sync your subscription with your NBA application account. To do this, you simply need to download the NBA application on the device that you would like to stream the content on.

Once you have downloaded the application, you can sign in with your NBA League Pass credentials or create an account, and then you can begin streaming the games and shows that you would like to watch.