I Am Bishop I Makamu premieres on Moja Love tonight

The reality series, I Am Bishop I Makamu, which follows the religious leader on his path to empowering people with the message of God, will premiere tonight, 16 July 2019, on Moja Love TV.

The reality series is described as an introduction to the man who a few people have access to away from the pulpit. Bishop I Makamu is known to many as a religious leader who preaches to his congregation about Christianity, empowering them to his teachings through his sermons. He has also gained national fame as the host of Moja Love’s Rea Tsotella, which serves as a conflict-resolution talk show which aims to mend relationships between family members, friends, spouses and colleagues.

In a trailer shared by Moja Love today, 16 July 2019, the reality show will showcase Makamu in all areas of his life. In quick scenes, he is seen sharing his successes with his family members, as well as offering advice and correction to people he encounters. The audience is also able to see the reaction he receives when he enters to preach and will bear witness to his preaching as well.

Fans have shared their mixed reviews on social media, with many stating that as a man of God, he appears to be arrogant and not at all humble. Xianx Shalom stated, “All I saw on the highlights is an ample amount of arrogance on the man and how folks bow down to him.” Tshidi Lorna Majola said, “[The] reason I will be watching this is [because] I love his wife. She is very calm and has respect for [others].”

I Am Bishop I Makamu premieres tonight, 16 July 2019, at 22:00 on Moja Love, DStv channel 157.

Watch the I Am Bishop I Makamu trailer below.