I Am Bishop I Makamu: The Bishop supports his friend, Sipho Makhabane, at a major event

On tonight’s episode of the reality show, I Am Bishop I Makamu, the Bishop showcases his value for friendship by supporting his friend and fellow preacher, Sipho Makhabane.

The upcoming episode of Moja Love’s I Am Bishop I Makamu, which airs on Tuesday, 27 August 2019, shows the religious leader supporting his friend, as well as visiting his mother where she reminds him of how proud she is of all his accomplishments. The episode is captioned as, “Bishop I Makamu and Sipho Makhabane express the value of their friendship by supporting each other in major projects. We get introduced to another important woman in the Bishop’s life.”

The preview for the upcoming episode shows Bishop I Makamu showing sympathy to his friend, Sipho Makhabane, as he vents about previous hardships he experienced involving a public scandal. The episode will also reveal the new set for an upcoming show from the Bishop, with the set being designed by his wife. He also visits his mother in her home, where he expresses the love he has for her and his family.

The reality series is described as an introduction to the man to whom a few people have access to away from the pulpit. Bishop I Makamu is known to many as a religious leader who preaches to his congregation about Christianity, empowering them to its teachings through his sermons.

I Am Bishop I Makamu airs on Tuesdays at 22:00 on Moja Love, DStv channel 157.

Watch the preview of the upcoming episode of I Am Bishop I Makamu below.