I Am Bishop I Makamu: Viewers weigh in on Bishop’s business

Tuesday night’s episode of I Am Bishop I Makamu saw the religious leader open up about the running of his business, as his staff members shared their views on how things are done.

The latest episode of Moja Love’s I Am Bishop I Makamu, which aired on Tuesday, 30 July 2019, saw the religious leader have a sit-down conversation with his employees, who opened up to him about the way he runs his business. The episode gave viewers insight into the inner workings of the Bishop’s growing religious empire, with controversy being sparked around his motif for using religion as a selling point for making money.

A viewer took to Twitter to share her opinion, stating, “I don’t know whose bright idea this show was, but it really was a bad idea. Every time I watch this show I see Bishop Makamu in a different light. He keeps referring to everything that should belong to the church as HIS. A LOT of me, myself and I. Individualism.” Melba Modiba also commented with, “I think he created it so that the money he makes when he goes out [doesn’t] go back to the church, but [gets to keep it]. So when he gets rich, he can say it’s not from church money but him preaching outside.”

The reality series is described as an introduction to the man to whom a few people have access, away from the pulpit. Bishop I Makamu is known to many as a religious leader who preaches to his congregation about Christianity, empowering them to its teachings through his sermons.

I Am Bishop I Makamu airs on Tuesdays at 22:00 on Moja Love, DStv channel 157.

Watch the preview of the latest I Am Bishop I Makamu episode below.