I Love You, You Hate Me: Why did people hate Barney?

I Love You, You Hate Me: There are many different reasons why people hated Barney, some of which include internet trolls and groups who rejected the show’s overall message.

Although the Barney and Friends is a friendly reminder to some people of their childhood, the I Love You, You Hate Me show explores people who viewed Barney differently.

This show presents many reasons why there was such a widespread and deep hatred for this beloved purple dinosaur, including internet hate and a rejection of inclusivity.

About the I Love You, You Hate Me docuseries

The Barney and Friends show from PBS holds many happy and nostalgic memories for children who grew up in the 90s.

However, the new I Love You, You Hate Me, limited documentary series on Peacock examines a different side of the public response to this once-beloved show. This special docuseries, which premiered on 12 October 2022, is directed by Tommy Avallone.

It features many of the original cast and crew members of Barney and Friends and Barney and The Backyard Gang, as they provide new context as to the fall of the show and the backlash that they received.

I Love You, You Hate Me: Why did people hate Barney?

Before Barney came onto the screens of televisions all over the world, he was the star of videos that Sheryl Leach filmed herself as entertainment and as an educational tool for her son in the 1980s.

To this day, many people remember Barney as a huggable and smiling figure from their childhoods.

However, I Love You, You Hate Me has brought to light the fact that many people did, in fact, hate Barney and this detestation, which was quite widespread in what was the beginning of the World Wide Web, on internet forums, really impacted the lives of some of the cast members of the show.

Aside from the fact that some of the grown-ups that were forced to watch the show found the motionless face of the character a bit unsettling, the show presents a few different reasons why Barney inspired such a hatred amongst certain groups of people.

The former voice of Barney, Bob West, has suggested that the hatred towards Barney is not really a reflection of the character, but rather the love and acceptance that he represents and how certain people want to reject this.

Some of the other reasons given as to why people hated Barney so much include the emergence of what we now know to be internet trolls and the fact that Barney is just not quite the same as some of the other children’s show characters from the 90s.

However, one thing that is evident is that there are many reasons why people hated Barney, and some of these people took their hatred for the character much too far.

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How widespread was the hatred for Barney?

Although you can still find discussions about the beloved purple dinosaur and how unsettling his character costume is when you look back on the show on the internet to this day, the height of the hatred towards Barney seemed to have peaked when the show was at its most popular.

At this stage, there were videos being spread on the internet of people burning or otherwise destroying Barney merchandise, newsletters dedicated to the hatred of this purple dinosaur for the “I Hate Barney Secret Society,” and even a group that called themselves the “Jihad Against Barney” that villainised Barney completely, unprovoked.

How serious was people’s hatred for Barney?

If you, like many other people who started watching I Love You, You Hate Me, are wondering whether this hatred for Barney was actually serious or whether it was just a joke orchestrated by and on the internet, you may be shocked to find that the hatred was deep and meaningful.

Many of the cast and crew member who worked on Barney and Friends and the other shows received violent and explicit threats, merely because they were part of the Barney team.

Why did Barney elicit such hatred even when no other children’s characters did?

Although some of the cast and crew believe that Barney’s message of acceptance, inclusion, and understanding is what sparked the hatred of so many people, these are not really unique or far-fetched traits for children’s show characters to have.

Steve Burns, the former Blue’s Clues host, gives insight about why he thinks that Barney received such hate when other characters did not, and it is because Barney has no real flaws.

While Sesame Street characters occasionally made mistakes, Barney never acted in a way that was not exactly perfect, and this depiction could be what made people hate him more.