5 of the best IG biography ideas to help your business stand out

If you want to stand out, your IG bio will need to tell users what your brand does best and why they should engage with your profile.

Your Instagram (IG) biography may lack the visual appeal of the rest of the platform, but it is the most important place to share information about your brand.

If you want to make your profile stand out in the sea of content that is available on the platform, your biography needs to be engaging, informative and true to your brand.

The importance of your IG biography

Content on Instagram moves at a dizzying rate and over 95 million photos and videos are posted to the platform daily. While this means that there is always new content for users to consume, it also means that it is easy for your profile to get lost in the blur.

Your Instagram biography (bio) is the one place on the platform, where you have stagnant information. This information can tell other users more about you and entice them to scroll through the rest of your profile.

5 of the best IG biography ideas to help your business stand out

The majority of content on Instagram is visual, but even though a striking photo or snappy video may be what draws users to your profile initially, your written bio is the key to ensuring that they stick around and engage with your profile.

After all, what would be worse than doing all that you can to reach your audience on the platform, only for users to turn right back around because your bio was not engaging enough.

There are a million different ways to approach writing your IG bio, and once you start, those measly 150 characters can suddenly seem very overwhelming. This is why it is best to approach crafting your IG bio as you would any other engaging content.

You IG bio will be the first thing that most users notice about your profile, hence, it is incredibly important that you use these 150 characters to establish your brand presence on the platform.

In short, this means that you need to optimize this text to tell users that end up on your profile exactly what your brand is about and why they need to follow you.

As daunting as this may seem, there are a few tips, tricks and best practices that can help you along the way.

How to structure your IG bio

Before you get to actually writing your bio, it is important that you have a rough idea of how you should actually organize and structure the text, so that users will be able to  read the information and take it all in.

A basic outline for the structure of great bio that will help you to stand out is outlined below.

Order Elements
At the very top A snappy one-liner to draw attention
Below that Information about what you brand actually does
Below that Any achievements or critical information that you want users to be aware of
At the very bottom Call to action and any links that you would like to include

Once you have the structure mapped out, you can start creating your IG bio by simply filling in the blanks, one idea at a time.

1. Make the first line of your IG bio engaging

Adding a quippy one-liner at the top of your IG bio is the best way to ensure that you catch users’ attention straight away.

If your brand already has a funny or engaging tagline, as is the case with the popular board game, Cards Against Humanity (“A party game for horrible people”), this can be a great place to start.

Some other great examples to get your ideas flowing include Au Lit Fine Linens’ “We change the way you sleep.” and Away’s “Travel makes us better”.

2. Tell people what your brand is about

The primary purpose of your IG bio is to tell users more about what you do and what they can expect from your profile.

The drink-brand, Innocent’s bio kept it simple with “We make healthy drinks” in their bio and Kylie Skin took it even further with its “clean, vegan, cruelty free, gluten and sulfate free skincare created by Kylie Jenner”.

Another great tip (if you are running low on characters) is to add what it is you do, for instance “Hairstylist” or “Marketing Experts,” to your display name, instead of in the first line of your bio.

You can also take this opportunity to brag about your brand a little. Johnny Cupcakes includes a whole list of its accolades in its IG bio.

3. Remember to showcase your brand’s personality

If you really want to entice users to engage and interact with your brand on Instagram, you need to show them what your brand is all about, in addition to what you do.

Skittles, for instance, packs a punch with the line “The Official U.S. Instagrammer of Awesomeness.”

Adding emojis to your text can also be a great way to establish your brand’s personality visually (and to save characters). Colourpop Cosmetics starts each line with an emoji to capture that “young and fun” feeling.

4. Keep your information short and sweet

Your IG bio may be important, but users likely want to read an essay when they visit your profile. Remember that attention spans are getting shorter, and that you only have limited characters to work with.

A great example of a brand that has kept it short and sweet when it comes to their IG bio is the fashion house, Gucci’s bio, which simply reads “Welcome to the world of Gucci”, with a link to the brand’s website.

5. Include a call to action

Your IG bio can also be the perfect place to accomplish some of your marketing and promotional objectives by including an easy-to-follow call to action for users.

This can be as simple as Pure Cycles’ “Tag us,” but could also include some of the following options:

  • Shop now, Shop the sale, Shop new arrivals
  • Subscribe, Follow, View, Tag
  • Check out the latest, Check out our website, View the collection, Start your journey