5 Ways to find the best IG Reel hashtags for your brand

If you want your IG Reels to be as successful as possible and appeal to the algorithm, you will need to use hashtags that are effective and relevant.

The term “hashtag” is most commonly used in a colloquial sense, but this is actually a very useful feature which helps social media platforms like Instagram (IG) to categorize content.

Using the right hashtags for your IG Reels enables you to use the platform’s algorithm to your advantage, but you  need to find these hashtags first.

How do hashtags even work?

When social media platforms first started introducing hashtags, you could hardly listen to a speech or buy a slogan shirt without the term “hashtag” being thrown around.

However, hashtags serve a much bigger purpose than this. Hashtags are like a shortcut that the algorithms of various social media platforms use to categorize your content and choosing the right hashtags can be a great way to increase  your reach.

5 Ways to find the best IG Reel hashtags for your brand

IG has all but confirmed that the platform will be doubling down on its Reels focus for the foreseeable future. This comes after IG booted its Shop tab and added a bunch of new in-app editing and filming tools to the Reels tab shortly thereafter.

Experts believe that Reels get up to 67 percent more engagement than standard IG videos.

Furthermore, since this feature seems to be such an important part of the platform’s bid to stay relevant, the Reels feature also has its own not-so-secret algorithm for you to exploit.

The most important indicator that IG uses to determine which Reels a user is entertained by is the amount of time that they spent watching the Reel and how they interacted with similar Reels and the account in the past.

However, IG mentions that the technical information about the Reel is also an important factor in which Reels get shown to which users.

As a result, adding the right hashtags to your Reels serves a dual purpose when it comes to increasing your reach on the platform.

Especially since this will help to categorize your Reels and help you land on the Feed or Explore pages of the right users.

It also helps the algorithm to see the Reel as being of a higher quality, which should help to boost your content even further.

Where to find hashtags for Instagram Reels

Unfortunately, knowing that you need to use the right hashtags in order for your IG Reels to perform well is only half the battle. Finding hashtags to use that will be relevant and help you appeal to the Reels algorithm is the real trick.

There are various ways to go about finding IG Reels hashtags, but some of the most effective ways are:

Method Best for
Look at what is trending When you want to reach as many users as possible
Look at what your competition is doing When you want to establish yourself in your niche
Use the IG search function When you are looking for more specific terms
Use the same hashtags from other social media platforms When you want to increase brand recognition
Look at the popular hashtags within your niche When you want to find your target audience

Method 1: Look at what is trending

Watching Reels takes up just under a third of the time that users spend on IG. This means that Reels should make up a significant portion of your branding strategy on the platform.

If you are not worried about appealing to any niche in particular, you will be best off simply using one (or a few) of the most popular, trending hashtags to expand the reach of your content.

Be careful, however, because trends are fleeting, and whilst hashtags like #trending, #viral, #explore, #instagood, #explorepage, #viralvideos, #reelsinstagram, #reelsvideo and #reelitfeelit, are popular now, this could change quickly.

Method 2: Look at what your competition is doing

Using general trending Reels hashtags may help you get your content out there, but if you are not reaching your target audience with this content, it will all be in vain.

The best way to find hashtags for your IG Reels that will be both effective and specific, is to look at what your competition is doing right.

If your competitors tend to use the same hashtags repeatedly, or your audience regularly interacts with posts that have a specific hashtag, then this should be a good option for your Reels as well.

Method 3: Use the IG search function

One expert hack for finding trending and relevant IG Reels hashtags right on the platform is to learn how to use the IG search function as a form of marketing research.

When you type into the search bar on IG, you can refine your research by selecting Top, Accounts, Tags or Places, and this can give you a bunch of ideas that are popular and relevant.

For instance, typing “beauty” into the Tags section of the search function brings up a variety of options like #beautytips, #beautybloggers, #beautyaddict and more, which are related to that search term.

Method 4: Use the same hashtags from other social media platforms

As useful as hashtags can be in ensuring that your Reels reach the right audience, they can also be a great way to group your content together.

Using your own branded hashtag on your content will not only help loyal customers to find you easily, but it will also make it easier for new customers to recognize your brand when they see it.

Method 5: Look at the popular hashtags in your niche

The IG algorithm will recommend Reels based on similar posts that users have interacted with in the past.

For this reason, the most effective way for you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Reels engagement is to jump on the bandwagon of other high-performing posts in the niche that you are in.

The best way to go about finding these hashtags is to do your own research and to make a note of which hashtags you see most often when you are scrolling through your brand’s Feed.