Inconceivable cast details challenges of filming during lockdown

Inconceivable is M-Net’s upcoming original drama series which commenced with production prior to the nationwide lockdown, since then, the cast has been forced to adapt to the new production regulations.

Inconceivable is the second M-Net original production of 2020, following the huge success of Still Breathing earlier this year. The drama, which premieres on Thursday, 3 September 2020, commenced with production at the beginning of the year, and were mid-way with shooting when the coronavirus pandemic caused disruptions in South Africa in March 2020. In a video shared by M-Net on Saturday, 29 August 2020, the cast detailed the challenges of filming during lockdown.

The cast revealed that due to the fact that they were being introduced to the protocols prior to the lockdown, they were aware of what would be expected of them upon their return. When returning to set under Level 4 in June, Steven John Ward and Craig Jackson explained that the hardest part was not being able to hear the other actor delivering their lines. They explained that the masks and visors had muffled their voices, which made rehearsals extremely difficult.

Refilwe Madumo also revealed that intimate scenes had to be changed, due to the new regulation which does not allow kissing on set. She explained that they used other techniques to convey intimate situations, such as heavy eye contact and breathing.

Watch the video below.