Inconceivable: Season premiere receives rave reviews

Inconceivable’s Thursday night episode saw viewers completely engrossed in the unique storyline, which some have described as an outstanding effort from M-Net.

Inconceivable’s season premiere, which aired on M-Net on Thursday, 3 September 2020, introduced viewers to the integral characters and storyline, which centres around Rachel expecting her first child. Her group of friends add different elements to the storyline, as their individual feelings towards motherhood and parenting are largely apparent.

The first episode saw an excited Rachel being told by her best friend and doctor, Marieke, that her baby had died whilst still pre-term, which required her to have a stillbirth. Unwilling to accept the fate of her child, Rachel swapped her stillborn baby with a newborn from across the hallway. Shocked by what she had done, Marieke was left grappling between her oath as a doctor and her friendship with Rachel.

Viewers were taken aback by the shocking plot twist, and commended M-Net for its second original drama of the year, following the success of Still Breathing. One user tweeted, “Totally loved the first episode of Inconceivable. Wesley and Rachel are my favourites so far. M-Net, it’s a date every Thursday.”

Watch the preview of the season premiere of Inconceivable below.