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Inconceivable’s Jay Anstey admits to extensively preparing for role as Tamsin

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Inconceivable’s Jay Anstey takes on the role of a bereaved young mother, Tamsin, who believes that her baby mysteriously died shortly after birth, unaware that she was, in fact, stolen.

Inconceivable’s Jay Anstey portrays the character of Tamsin, whose complicated background contributes to her mishandling of grief after the supposed death of her baby. The character’s turbulent relationship with her husband, Nick, contributes to her poor mental state, which has been made worst with alcohol abuse. In an interview with JustNje on Friday, 9 October 2020, the actress explained the preparation taken to emotionally prepare for the complex character.

1. How have you felt the public’s reaction has been for the show as a whole?

When I first got the scripts, I quite literally couldn’t put them down! And the reaction of our audience has been the same – people cannot wait to see what is going to happen next, and are so invested in the story! Twitter lights up every Thursday, and there are some very harsh reactions to Rachel’s antics, as well as an outpouring of love and empathy for what Tamsin is going through.

2. Tamsin is extremely emotional throughout the series, how were you able to effectively get to that place when portraying this character?

I did so much emotional preparation for the role of Tamsin. It’s always hard to keep yourself in a lower vibrational space to effectively and believably portray depression and sadness. But having a safe space on set, created by cast, crew and directors, really helps in making it easier to “go there” in terms of emotions.

3. Do you sympathise with what Rachel has done?

[Not at all!] I am not okay with her actions. [However, the] first rule of acting is never judge the character you’re playing – so with that being said, I am 100 percent on Team Tamsin. Everything that Rachel puts her through is so cruel and inhumane.

4. What similarities do you have with Tamsin?

Absolutely none. I don’t have kids, suffer from depression, drink excessively, have my baby stolen… The list goes on!

5. If you could play any other character on Inconceivable, who would it be?

I would have loved to have played Rachel, purely on an acting level. She is so twisted but rooted in her belief that she is “doing what’s best.” But the characters I love the most in the show are David and Busi! I laugh and [agree] so often [when] watching those two!

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