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Inspiration for your home office space

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It is important that when working from home, your workspace is conducive for productivity and allows you to deliver what is expected whilst also staying focused. 

Working from home during the nationwide lockdown has been a culture shock for most people. With the possibility of it continuing indefinitely, it is important to create a space where you feel comfortable and productive. It is advised to have a working space away from your living area or where you sleep. If you mix your business and pleasure or entertainment space, your mind is never truly at ease as it subconsciously remains in the same environment throughout the day.

Invest in a comfortable office desk and office chair, which is set up at the correct height for you to avoid lumbar pain. Stores such as Makro, Game and @Home offer pieces which can match your chosen aesthetic. On your desk, keep the space as tidy as possible. Adding a pot plant or a photo frame can spruce things up, however, it is important not to add anything which can distract you.

Desk organisers can be used to create order, as well as to add a design element. Cotton On and Takealot offer a wide range of desk accessories which can also serve as a space saver. Light colours often appeal to those working in the creative field, whilst dark colours help promote analytic concentration. Ensure that the space is tailored to your needs, and allows you to look forward to returning to your new ‘office’ every day.

Sayushka Naidoo
[email protected]