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Instead of getting cancelled, Yellowstone shares new season trailer

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Paramount has confirmed the fourth season of Yellowstone and has begun to count down to November 2021, which is the premiere month.

It is reported that even before the conclusion of the third season of the drama series, Yellowstone,  Paramount had already given the show the greenlight for a fourth instalment. First premiering in 2018, this year, the show is set to return with its fourth season. The show looks into the lives of the Dutton family. The ranching family takes viewers on a high action run, as they fight off encroaching threats to their Montana ranch.

Not only has Paramount confirmed the imminent return of the series, but the television and studio company has also been on a promotional campaign ahead of the premiere since July 2021. This is after Paramount shared the first look into the new upcoming season. Subsequently, with every new month, Paramount has shared additional videos showcasing the behind-the-scenes bloopers. The latest of the promotional content was of the cast teasing what could be expected in the new season.

This is a matter which has been left as a cliffhanger, and has also been drawn out in light of the upcoming new season is whether or not legendary actor, Kevin Costner is set to return with the new season. Costner plays the father of the Dutton family, John. During season three of the show, Costner was interviewed and suggested that his character might be killed off or not return for the new season.

However, in October 2021, as the premiere of the new season is set to air, Costner posted an image of himself, which is rare for the Bodyguard male lead, on set. The image eased the contention over the matter whether he is returning or not. Yellowstone is set for a Sundday, 7 November 2021, premiere.

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