Is All American season 3 out on Netflix?

All American season 3 is now out on Netflix, following a delay due to the pandemic affecting the production schedule of the series in 2020.

All American is a popular series from television network, The CW, which is also hosted on Netflix. Ahead of the release of the third season, season two of the series was uploaded onto Netflix eight days after it concluded on The CW.

However, this was not the case with the third season. This is as production on the third instalment of the series was delayed due to the pandemic.

The delay then affected the rollout schedule of the show premiering on The CW, and subsequently being made available on Netflix.

What is All American about?

All American premiered on The CW in 2018 and was created by April Blair. According to IMDb, the drama series is centred on, “When a star high school football player from South Central is recruited to play for Beverly Hills High School, two separate worlds collide.”

Daniel Ezra is in the lead role of Spencer James, and in light of the success of the show, it has already spawned a spin-off.

A spin-off that was teased with the third season of the series when it aired the pilot episode of the show set to be titled, All American:  Homecoming.

Is All American season 3 out on Netflix?

The third season of All American was made available on Netflix in July 2021.

The availability of the show on the paid-subscription video-on-demand platform came three months after fans who watch it on Netflix expected it. This is as the second season of the show was made available on Netflix in March 2020.

However, the delay was not due to contractual issues between the television network and Netflix, as some shows had experienced during the year.

However, the reason for the delay of the series’ availability was due to the pandemic. In light of the pandemic, production on All American experienced delays.

The delays in production affected the role out of the show, resulting in season three coming out in January 2021.

The delayed release on The CW snowballed and affected Netflix’s release date. So instead of the show being released in March 2021 on Netflix, it was made available later in the year.

When did All American season 3 end on The CW?

Season three premiered in January 2021, with an episode titled Seasons Pass.

Between January 2021 and July 2021, fans of the series watched the 19-episode season which concluded with an episode titled Surviving the Time, which was premised on, “Spencer’s life seems to be going right until Billy learns his secret.

Jordan and Asher get unexpected news.” By the end of season three, the fourth season of the series was confirmed and premiered on The CW later that year in October 2021.

Is there a season four of All American on The CW?

The turnaround time between the release of season four of All American compared to the release of season three was short.

This is as just over three months after the conclusion of season three, it returned in October 2021 with the first episode titled, Survival of the Fittest. Ahead of the extended winter mid-break season the show took, it had aired seven episodes.

The show is set to return with its eighth episode of season four in February 2022, titled Walk This Way. A promotional clip for the upcoming episode was made available on YouTube by The CW in December 2021.

Is All American season 4 out on Netflix?

Season four of All American is currently not available on Netflix. The reason for this is that the show is still airing the current and fourth season on The CW.

The fourth season began airing in October 2021. Moreover, this is also in light of the extended number of episodes from 16 to 19 between season two and three.

If the new established number of episodes per series continues, All American will conclude on the television network in March or April 2022.

Therefore, fans can expect season four’s availability to coincide with the conclusion of the season later this year.


All American, like many shows in 2020, experienced delays in its production due the pandemic and the whole world readjusting to the “new normal.”

The result was delays in the entire rollout train of the show, from production to airing on television and subsequently landing on Netflix.

Season two of the popular show had established a March timeline of when it would conclude its seasons on The CW and they were subsequently placed on Netflix eight days later.

Last year, All American was made available on Netflix in July 2021 due to the delays, which will be hopefully remedied this year.