Is Black Adam as powerful as Superman?

Black Adam is understood to have similar powers as Superman, but the consensus is that Superman is more powerful than the Kahndaqian anti-hero.

Black Adam is a blockbuster film that has been over five years in the making after Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was announced as the DC Extended Universe anti-hero in 2017. Following delays in the release of the movie, it is finally scheduled for release in October 2022.

Throughout the promotional run, comparisons have been made between Johnson’s superhero and the DC Universe’s Superman, as they have similar powers.

This is contentious as views are polarised on the matter. But it is understood that Superman is more powerful than Black Adam, based on the comics.

Dwayne Johnson believes Black Adam is as powerful as Superman

Dwayne Johnson is set to play Black Adam in the upcoming blockbuster, Black Adam, which premieres in theatres on Friday, 21 October 2022.

Currently, the actor has been busy with the promotional run for the upcoming movie where he has been comparing his superhero’s abilities to that of the DCU’s Superman.

Johnson told MTV, “Black Adam has the same powers as Superman. Think about that. That’s why it’s so cool and exciting.” His sentiments suggest that for the most part, a battle between the two would be neck-and-neck.

Is Black Adam as powerful as Superman?

Black Adam and Superman have similar powers in terms of their durability, strength, super speed, and the ability to fly.

But that does not mean that they have the same powers, as they are fuelled by different things, which causes slight variations in terms of the nuances of their individual powers.

Superman’s powers are largely associated with being fuelled by the Earth’s sun, hence, he also has x-ray vision, super breath, and the ability to shoot light beams from his eyes.

But Black Adam’s abilities are magically enhanced, which is the one weakness that Superman has to Black Adam’s powers, so it is the advantage that Black Adam has over Superman.

It is for this reason that when Dwayne Johnson was asked who would win in a one-on-one combat between Superman and Black Adam, Johnson replied vaguely, suggesting, “I think Black Adam lands the first punch. Now, I don’t know if Black Adam lands the last punch.”

His sentiments seemed to highlight what the battles in the comics usually turn out like, as Superman did defeat Black Adam in the 2010 DCEU animated film Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam.

And when Superman and Shazam had to work together in order to defeat Black Adam, because Superman could not do it alone because Black Adam used magic, Superman’s weakness, in battle.

Is Black Adam as powerful as Ultraman?

The villainous version of Superman, Ultraman, was the evidence that was needed to prove that Superman could defeat Black Adam in battle.

This is despite the fact that both DCU characters have similar top-end powers and Black Adam has an advantage as his powers are derived from Superman’s weakness, magic.

But Ultraman proved that if Superman did not hold back and used the full might of his powers, he could defeat and kill Black Adam.

This was evident when Ultraman challenged and defeated Black Adam, who was subsequently defeated by Superman.

Is Superman in Black Adam?

Black Adam is set to premiere in theatres on Friday, 21 October 2022, and the film, which was specifically written to have Dwayne Johnson as the protagonist of the film, is an origin story.

Thus, the focus is on the hero’s journey to what eventually may have led to his villainous actions like destroying 38 percent of the world’s population and a number of superheroes.

Instead, the movie will focus on the anti-hero aspect of the DC Extended Universe superhero rather than his villainous ways. As such, it is believed that Black Adam will not go head-to-head with Superman in this film.

Dwayne Johnson on Black Adam vs Superman movie

As Black Adam is touted as the next huge box office hit, it is safe to assume that more Black Adam films will be added to the universe in the future.

For this reason, fans are excited about when they will finally get to see Black Adam and Superman battle it out on the big screen to settle who is more powerful once and for all.

When asked about the matter, Dwayne Johnson was noncommittal, teasing that, “I can see things so clearly on how that scene looks like… what the film looks like, what the next three films look like. Now, whether or not that comes to fruition, that always helps when you have that kind of clarity.”