Is Criminal Minds on Hulu?

Criminal Minds is available on various video on demand platforms including Hulu, however, Hulu has limited seasons, as the platform only has season thirteen to season fifteen.

During its fifteen-year run on CBS, Criminal Minds was one of the series that pulled the most ratings for the network.

It is for this reason that despite the end of the show in 2020, that it still has an avid cult following with reruns of the show still proving popular on various video on demand platforms.

The series is available across a number of video-on-demand platforms including Hulu, Netflix, Paramount Plus, Disney Plus and HBO Max.

However, depending on which platform you use, you might not be able to view all the seasons. The article will make it easier to navigate this, for the best binging experience.

Why is Criminal Minds available across so many platforms? 

Due to the fact that Criminal Minds was created ahead of the popularity of video-on-demand platforms, when the advent of platforms like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max began, the pursuit was to host already existing shows which had a large following.

Which would explain why Criminal Minds is somewhat available on most video-on-demand platforms.

With the market saturating, and CBS creating its own paid-subscription video on demand platform, Paramount Plus, the previous deals were amended.

This resulted in some platforms having the earlier seasons, and others having the later seasons of the show.

Is Criminal Minds on Hulu? 

The simple answer to the question is, yes. However, the completely nuanced answer is that Hulu only hosts the three last seasons of the series. Namely, season thirteen, fourteen and fifteen.

Considering that Hulu is one of the most popular streaming platforms, it is surprising that it did not archive the previous seasons of the show.

However, the reason for this is suggested by Hulu’s highly restrictive content rights. Therefore, considering the vast availability of the show on other platforms, Criminal Minds’ in its entirety might have not appealed to Hulu.

While Hulu is considered as one of the worst video-on-demand platforms to watch Criminal Minds, there are fortunately other video-on-demand platforms that offer better viewing experiences.

This is as besides hosting all fifteen seasons, some platforms also have behind-the-scenes content for their subscribers.

Is Criminal Minds on Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus was founded by ViacomCBS, and due to Criminal Minds being a CBS production, the platform has all fifteen seasons of the series and some exclusive behind-the-scenes content for its subscribers.

This platform is touted as the best to view the entire series of Criminal Minds from beginning to the end. Which is surprising, seeing that it was initially hosted on CBS’ online platform, which would compromise the viewing experience, due to the constant pop-up adverts.

Is Criminal Minds on Netflix?

Netflix currently has the first twelve seasons of Criminal Minds available on its platform. Unlike the other platforms, Netflix has not shared its reason for not hosting the last three seasons of the show.

However, it is believed that CBS re-evaluating its distribution rights might have to do something with the matter. This is as another CBS series, Hawaii-Five-O was removed from Netflix’s catalogue without explanation as to why.

Therefore, if you are looking for a trusted video-on-demand platform to introduce yourself to earlier seasons of Criminal Minds, Netflix is a viable option.

Is Criminal Minds available on Disney Plus?

Disney acquiring Star meant that the company could introduce a wide selection of content on their video-on-demand platform.

Besides the wide range of films and series on the content hub, it also acquired the viewing rights to Criminal Minds‘ entire fifteen seasons, which can be streamed via Disney Plus.

Additionally, due to the acquisition, Disney Plus also hosts all the other spin-offs that have stemmed from the popularity of the series. However, unlike Paramount Plus, on Disney Plus, viewers do not have access to the behind-the-scenes exclusive content.


Criminal Minds is a popular viewing option on paid-subscription platforms, hence its saturation.

However, with the advent of even more similar video-on-demand platforms, it has resulted in the series being available on most platforms, with terms and conditions applying.

Take Hulu for instance, which only has the last three seasons of the show on the platform.

Therefore, for the best viewing experience of the entire fifteen seasons of the series, rather find subscription deals with paid-subscription platforms including Paramount Plus and Disney Plus.

How to watch and stream Criminal Minds?