Is Drew Pritchard still married to Rebecca?

Drew and Rebecca Pritchard are no longer married following their divorce in 2017, however, the former couple still work together on Salvage Hunters and maintain a friendship.  

One of the popular shows on the Discovery and Quest channels is Salvage Hunters, which is a reality show that sees main host and modern-day treasure hunter, Drew Pritchard, travel across the United Kingdom (UK) in search of antique and vintage decorative pieces. The show premiered in 2011 and is still ongoing.

Another personality from the show is Rebecca Pritchard. Rebecca is responsible for restoring the antiques found by her ex-husband.

The two were married and got divorced in 2017. The reason for their split is unknown, however, it is believed that it is due to an infidelity committed by Drew.

When did Drew and Rebecca meet?

Considering that they were married ahead of the show’s premier in 2011, and the reclusive nature of Rebecca, details on the formerly married couple are unknown. However, what is known is that they met when Rebecca was employed at the property development firm.

After meeting, they began their relationship and eventually decided to settle down, as they got married and started their family.

Considering the privacy concerns over the children of well-known personalities, not much is known about how many children they have together, their ages or even their genders.

Is Drew Pritchard still married to Rebecca?

News reports on the couple’s split was only confirmed in 2017, when news of Pritchard’s alleged infidelity became public news.

Considering that not a lot of details were shared on the matrimony between Drew and Rebecca, it is unclear when the couple got divorced. However, it is believed that they did at least finalise their divorce in 2017.

The reasons for their divorce are still unknown, but then again, a lot about the former couple and co-parents is unknown by the general public.

Take the fact that the general public does not know how long they have been married for instance. This could go hand-in-hand with Rebecca being a recluse when it comes to the public eye.

Besides her television work as one of the personalities on Salvage Hunters and Salvage Hunters: The Restorers, and her business ventures, little is known about her, her children or the matter of her marriage to Drew.

Moreover, since the couple did not release a statement at the time of their divorce, there is no indication of how long they were together for until they were divorced.

Did Drew Pritchard cheat on Rebecca?

At the time of the news of Drew and Rebecca Pritchard’s divorce, reports claimed that it spawned from the 2017 scandal that Drew allegedly caused.

This is as Drew was believed to have been in a romantic relationship with Amanda Thomas, who is married to Janus Bryn Thomas.

The two were allegedly involved for two years until Amanda broke it off. After Drew sent Amanda a text labelling her husband a coward, she confessed to her husband and he reportedly had an altercation with Drew at a local pub.

This news report alluded to the possible reason Drew and Rebecca divorced.

Do Drew and Rebecca Pritchard still work together?

Whatever the cause of the end of their relationship was, it seems that the divorced couple were able to put it behind them and focus on their joint business ventures and founding a friendship.

This is as they have continued to work together in the spinoff of the original Salvage Hunters titled Salvage Hunters: The Restorers.

The show premiered in 2018, and is premised on, “Skilled craftspeople are bringing Drew Pritchard’s finds back to life.

With demanding customers and high turnover, their hard work turns trash to treasure,” according IMDb. Rebecca has appeared in 19 of the 55 episodes of the series.

Is Drew Pritchard dating again?

Seemingly, after facing the 2017 scandal when his alleged infidelity and the physical altercation with the other-woman’s husband became public news, Pritchard has ensured that he keeps his private dating life away from the scrutiny of the media.

Therefore, to date, there has been no news of Drew being romantically involved with anyone new. Similarly, Rebecca has also not revealed if she has moved on or if her only focus is her children and her business ventures.

For all intents and purposes, it is believed that they are both single currently.


Salvage HuntersDrew Pritchard was married to fellow personality on the show, Rebecca.

The two featured on the original version of the show which premiered in 2011 and was later revamped with a new spinoff, titled Salvage Hunters: The Restores, which Rebecca also made cameo appearances on.

In 2017, news of their divorce was made public. This was in light of Drew’s physical altercation with the husband of a woman that he had relations with making headline news.

While the scandal suggested this was the reason for the divorce, it was never confirmed.