Is Duke from Zombie House Flipping married?

Peter Duke, who is best known for being the designer on the Orlando team in Zombie House Flipping, is married in real life.

One of the reasons why Zombie House Flipping has become such a fan-favorite show is because it showcases the work of several real real-estate experts.

This includes Peter Duke from the Zombie House Flipping Orlando team, who has been married to his real-life wife, Jenny Zeng, for several years.

What makes the cast of Zombie House Flipping so unique?

There are plenty of flipping and home renovation shows on television, but one of the main reasons why fans continue to tune in to watch Zombie House Flipping is because the show is so authentic.

Both the original Orlando team, who fans will know well from the first three seasons of the show, and the newly-added Dallas and Tampa teams, feature real, local real-estate moguls from these areas who have been in the industry for decades and can bring all of those years of experience to renovating and upgrading the truly scary “zombie” homes which are featured on the show.

Is Duke from Zombie House Flipping married?

Peter Duke (who is also known by the nickname of “Duke” on the show) is one of the cast members from the original Orlando-based Zombie House Flipping team.

Duke, like many of the other cast members, has had an extensive long and very successful career in real-estate, which began when he bought his first “zombie” house back in 2003, years before the show had even began.

These years of experience quickly made Duke a favorite among fans, as he was able to churn out one beautiful and practical design after the other.

Although Duke took a brief hiatus from filming for Zombie House Flipping in 2021, he has now re-joined the cast for the show’s fifth season.

He can be seen alongside Keith Ori and the show’s newest cast member, Alynne Cordray, as they work to take even more scary-looking “zombie” homes and turn them into modern, safe spaces which sell for top dollar on the market.

In fact, many fans have been so elated by Duke’s return that they want to know more about this real-estate expert and flipper’s personal life.

Duke is fairly private about his personal life online, and mostly keeps to sharing the professional projects that he is involved in on his Instagram page.

However, one tidbit about Duke’s personal life which he does occasionally share a little bit about is his wife and their family. Duke’s partner is Jenny Zeng, and while the two of them may not always share much about their relationship on social media, they have been happily married for many years.

How long have Peter Duke and Jenny Zeng been married?

Duke and Jenny got married in 2016. According to Jenny’s most recent Instagram post, the couple celebrated their 7th anniversary on June 5, 2023, by placing a lock on the Umeda Sky Tower during a family trip to Japan.

The couple welcomed their son, Beau Duke, in 2016 and Jenny frequently posts updates about Beau and what their family is doing when Duke is not filming the show.

What is Peter Duke doing now?

When Duke is not busy filming for Zombie House Flipping, he is still involved in other real-estate projects through his company, Hourglass Homes.

Hourglass Homes is a construction and design company which does both new builds and renovations which are based in Central Florida, where Duke is from.

Duke frequently shares about the new projects that he is involved with on his Instagram page, but he has also recently shared a few vacation memories from the Duke family’s trip to Japan earlier in 2023.

What about the other members of the Orlando team?

Duke is not the only member of the Zombie House Flipping team in Orlando who refrains from sharing about his family and his relationships on screen.

In fact, the show is so focused on the flipping business that not much is known about the cast’s personal lives at all.

One thing that frequently gets jumbled up because of Zombie House Flipping’s all-business approach is the longtime friendship between Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly (who were both part of the original Orlando team).

Though Casserly is married in real life, she is not married to her co-star ,Justin, as many people assume, and they are actually just great friends and business partners.

Keith Ori, the only member of the Orlando team who has been featured on the show consistently, has also been happily married since 2001. Furthermore, the newest team member Alynne Cordray, also has a serious partner.