Is fuboTV free with Amazon Prime?

One of fuboTV’s free channels, the Fubo Sports Network, is free to watch on Amazon Freevee if you already have an Amazon Prime membership.

Freevee is Amazon’s new free streaming that gives users access to a vast library of on-demand and live content from a variety of sources.

One of the channels that is available on Amazon Freevee, which you can access through Amazon Prime for free, is the Fubo Sports Network.

What is Amazon Freevee?

You may have noticed that Amazon has recently changed the name of its IMDb TV service to Freevee, but you may not know exactly what this means. Well, the good news is that Freevee is Amazon’s new foray into the free streaming landscape.

This platform offers the public a variety of streaming content completely for free, as long as you are okay with seeing a few advertisements now and then.

Freevee has a variety of on-demand and live television shows and movies for you to watch, as well as an impressive library of Freevee Originals, which are expected to increase after the service finds its feet.

All of this content should suit just about any mood and is available around the clock.

Is fuboTV free with Amazon Prime?

Although Amazon’s Freevee service does not need to do much to entice new members to join the platform, the company has expanded its line-up of channels to include the Fubo Sports Network.

The Fubo Sports Network is the leading free-to-consumer live sports network in the United States, and it has seen a 121 percent increase in its viewership in 2022.

Amazon Freevee has not released official statistics for its current active user count, but all of the company’s other ad-supported platforms have a combined total of 120 million active monthly users. It is clear that the deal with fuboTV was meant to grow the reach of both platforms.

The Fubo Sports Network has been available on Amazon Freevee since 29 November 2022, which means that you can automatically access the live sports-focused content on this platform for free if you already have an Amazon Prime account.

You can create an account through the Amazon Prime mobile application or through the Freevee application, which is available on a variety of devices including all Amazon Fire TV devices, iOS, and Android mobile devices, Xbox, PlayStation 5, and a variety of Smart TVs.

Alternatively, you can also watch Freevee content through your web browser by visiting the Freevee website.

It is worth mentioning, however, that some users have found it particularly difficult to navigate the Amazon Freevee platform.

They have found that it is easier to just download the fuboTV mobile application on their device and to access the Fubo Sports Network this way.

How to find the Fubo Sports Network on Amazon Freevee

All streaming platforms are bound to have a few difficulties when they first launch, and it is no different for platforms like Amazon’s Freevee, which has recently been rebranded.

As a result, it can be difficult to actually find the Fubo Sports Network on the platform so that you can access its content.

However, you can circumvent this problem by navigating to the “Sports” section of Freevee’s watch options and then selecting the “Sports stations — on now.”

From there, you can scroll through the options until you find the Fubo Sports Network, instead of typing “Fubo” into the search bar to begin with.

Is it possible to watch the Fubo Sports Network without a fuboTV subscription?

If you have decided that it is easier to watch the Fubo Sports Network’s content through the fuboTV application, rather than through Freevee, you will be happy to know that this will not incur any extra costs.

You can download the fuboTV application on any compatible device for free. From there, you will be able to sign up and access the platform’s free content,  even without a premium, paid subscription.

Other platforms that have the Fubo Sports Network

Fubo Sports Network’s partnership with the Amazon Freevee platform is not the only way that Fubo Inc. has tried to make its content readily available to consumers on as many devices and platforms as possible.

In fact, the Fubo Sports Network is already being streamed on over 155 million devices. The Fubo Sports Network is also available to stream on the Roku Channel, the Vizio smart TV platform, and Fox Corporation’s Tubi service.

This includes content that ranges from live sports and original content that showcases professional athletes on and off the field, to licensed content like Lights Out Xtreme Fighting, Stadium, USA TODAY, Flex Fight, World Poker Tour, and beIN Sports Xtra, and many more.