Is Garage Squad fake?

While there are some elements of Garage Squad which are questionable, the show is no faker than any other car restoration show on television.

Garage Squad focuses on helping vintage car enthusiasts to get their stalled projects back on track (literally).

Although the show definitely plays up some elements for the camera, the projects that the Garage Squad takes on and their skills are definitely real.

About Garage Squad

If you are a self-proclaimed gearhead then you may already know that not every car restoration goes as planned.

And many classic car aficionados will admit that they have more than one hunk-of-junk tucked away at the back of their garages, which they simply no longer have the energy or time to deal with.

This is exactly where the expert team from MotorTrend’s hit series Garage Squad comes in. Bruno, Bogi and the rest of the squad use all of their expert skills and knowledge to take over a forgotten project in every new episode.

Then they work together to restore what is often just rusting and disgusting pieces of metal to their former glory.

Is Garage Squad fake?

Garage Squad has been on the air since 2016. Whether you have been along for the journey since the very beginning, or you only recently started watching the show, it is highly likely that one of the endearing stories about the owners and their cars touched your heart.

Even with the always-entertaining storylines that Garage Squad portrays, it is pretty common knowledge by now that reality television is not always as “real” as it seems.

As a result, Garage Squad has been accused of everything ranging from fake squabbles to fabricated restorations through the years, and you may have found yourself wondering what about the show is really “real.”

The answer to this question is complicated. Garage Squad certainly plays up certain interactions and comedic moments for the camera (as you would expect from any show).

Moreover, some of the scenes may even be scripted, or at the very least, repeated a few times to get the shot ‘just right.’

However, despite what some internet ‘experts’ would have you believe, most of the details about the actual restorations seem to be legitimate.

The show seemingly recruits real-life vintage car owners in need of some help, and the entire crew has been in the automotive industry for many years. This makes it very likely that they probably share their real-life expertise on the show.

As for exactly how long these restorations take in real life and whether the team is involved in every step along the way, well, that is still up for debate.

Overall, Garage Squad is likely not any more fake than any other car restoration show on television.

Valid critiques against Garage Squad

One of the most valid criticisms that is often lobbed against Garage Squad online is that the show cannot really label their projects as “restorations.”

Most vintage car enthusiasts agree that the restoration of a classic car needs to include the sourcing of original parts, paint and hardware.

However, because of the tight schedules that shows like Garage Squad operate on, the main focus of these projects is often just to get the cars running with the parts and hardware which are the quickest and easiest to source.

How submissions for Garage Squad work

While it is up to you to decide how much of the backstories on Garage Squad you believe, the show does seemingly recruit real car owners to be on the show.

The Garage Squad website contains an open submission form, through which anyone can submit a project that they would like the team to consider.

All you need to do is to make your story seem too appealing to miss, and of course, do everything that you can to show off your ride.

The Garage Squad team and their histories

Although some of the finer details of the restoration projects sometimes get lost in all of the hub-bub on the show, the Garage Squad team certainly knows what it is doing.

Bruno Massel managed to build up quite the reputation as a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) driver even before he was cast on the show.

Bogi brings both technical prowess and an impressive wealth of knowledge to the show. She is a qualified automotive repair technician with accreditations from the Universal Technical Institute and BMW STEP program.

Joe Zolper is the lead mechanic on the show, and he has been working on cars for almost two decades. Cy, Ronnie and Kingster are newer members of the team, but they all hold their own in the shop.