Is Harriet Khoza from The Queen also on The River?

Harriet Khoza, played by Connie Ferguson, is the matriarch on The Queen, and also happens to be good friends with Lindiwe Dikana, the leading lady on The River.

Harriet Khoza is the lead character on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen, which airs every weeknight. Since its premiere in 2016, Harriet has solidified herself as one of the most iconic female characters on South African television, with many often comparing her to The River’s Lindiwe Dikana. The Queen is produced by Connie Ferguson and her husband, Shona Ferguson’s production company, Ferguson Films.

The River is created and produced by showrunners, Phathutshedzo Makwarela and Gwydion Beynon, who own Tshedza Pictures, and is broadcasted on 1Magic. The lead character, Lindiwe Dikane, played by Sindi Dlathu, has also been recognised as one of the most powerful female characters in the industry, leading to Lindiwe being likened to Harriet by viewers.

Taking into consideration the popularity of both characters and the expected rivalry between the shows, Ferguson Films and Tshedza Pictures decided to create crossover episodes, showcasing the friendship between the two women.

The first crossover episode was in 2018, a few months after the premiere of The River. Viewers watched as Lindiwe received a call from Harriet, asking her to reconnect after some time apart. Viewers were shocked to find out that the leading ladies were on very good terms with one another, as they worked together to take down any enemy that crossed their way.

In the years that followed, Harriet returned to The River for spontaneous visits with her friend, who often asked her for advice on different aspects of her life. Most recently, Harriet reprimanded Lindiwe’s step-daughter, Nomonde, who was speaking poorly about Lindiwe in her absence. The friendship between Lindiwe and Harriet is expected to continue throughout the running of both shows, with some viewers hoping that it will result in an epic feud between them.