Is Harriet Khoza leaving The Queen?

Harriet Khoza, played by Connie Ferguson, is the character least likely to leave the show, considering that Connie is not only the lead, but also the co-executive producer.

The Queen’s Harriet Khoza, a role assumed by Connie Ferguson, is not leaving the popular Mzansi Magic telenovela anytime soon. The character is the least likely to leave the show, considering that the premise of the entire production is based on the character of Harriet as “the queen.”

Her departure would change the premise of the show, or require the introduction of a new “queen” to take over the narrative. Moreover, Connie is the co-executive producer of the show, along with her husband, Shona Ferguson. The two own Ferguson Films, which produces the telenovela.

The interest on whether Harriet will leave the show was sparked by the announcement of the permanent departure of Captain Jerry Maake, a role that was assumed by Shona. Shona had previously temporarily left the telenovela and returned again. His recent departure was cited as permanent, but The Queen is known for often adding unexpected twists to the storyline.