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Is Katlego Maboe married?

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Katlego Maboe’s marital status has been clarified as single, following the viral video of him and his estranged partner, Monique Muller, which led to confusion on whether they are married.

Katlego Maboe and his ex-partner, Monique Muller, who is also the mother of his only child, are not married, despite conflicting reports when the two first made national headlines. The two made headlines after a confessional video taken by Monique was circulated on social media, in which Katlego admitted to being unfaithful to her and exposing her to a fertility-threatening sexually transmitted disease (STD).

When the story first broke out, there were conflicting statements about their relationship status, with some publications labelling Monique as his wife and others as his partner. The two share a child together, however, because little was known about the inner dealings of their relationship before the video, it opened room for speculations.

In light of numerous reports about Katlego’s alleged philandering ways, it has now been clarified that Monique is Katlego’s estranged long-time partner.

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