Is Maggie coming back to FBI?

Maggie is coming back to FBI on 15 November 2022, because the actress who plays Maggie, Melissa “Missy” Peregrym, is returning from her maternity leave.

FBI has the same format as many other Dick Wolf shows, but with higher stakes for the characters, as the crimes take place on a federal level.

Maggie is one of the characters on the show who was injured in an attack in the fourth season of the show, but fortunately, she will be returning in the fifth season.

Is FBI worth the watch?

Dick Wolf’s shows are known for being adrenaline-packed and suspenseful. FBI first aired in 2018 and it has many of the same elements that fans have come to expect from this kind of investigative and procedural show.

This means that the show focuses on the solving of fictional federal crimes, but it has the same basic format whereby most of the crimes are discovered, investigated, and solved within a single episode.

This makes the show easy to follow and enjoyable to watch for a wide variety of viewers and this is likely why, even in its fifth season, which started airing in 2022, the show can still garner more than six million viewers per episode.

Is Maggie coming back to FBI?

One of the other reasons why FBI has been so successful is because of the amazing cast of characters that fans, and regular viewers of the show have come to love over the seasons and years.

One of these beloved characters is Special Agent Maggie Bell, who is affectionately simply referred to as “Maggie” in the show.

Maggie is an integral part of the FBI team, and she regularly puts her life in danger in order to solve cases on the show.

However, Maggie suffered injuries as a result of a sarin gas attack that took place in episode 18 of season four and she has been on medical leave ever since.

This character’s long absence from the show has caused some fans to worry about whether she will be returning to FBI at all in the future.

Fortunately, as fans who follow Missy Peregrym, the actress who plays Maggie, on social media, will already know that Maggie’s extended recovery period in the show was written into the show as a cover for Missy’s real-life maternity leave.

Now that she is ready to join the production again, Missy has announced that she will be returning to the show for the episode which is airing on Tuesday, 15 November 2022.

Additionally, the synopsis for this episode has already been released and this means that loyal fans who have waited for almost three months, at this point, to see Maggie’s return can get have an idea of what this first episode with her back on the job will entail.

What will happen to Maggie’s temporary replacement in the show when she returns to FBI?

Although many fans will be relieved to hear that Maggie is in fact returning to FBI in November, this also raises the question of what will happen with her temporary replacement on the show.

Since Nina Chase, who is played by Shantel VanSanten, was cast to fill the void that Maggie’s absence left when she took her maternity leave, there is no reason for her to continue working in the team when Maggie returns.

However, the show’s creators have assured fans that they will not get rid of Nina entirely and that while she will be moving to a new department within the show, she will still be making appearances in future episodes.

Why was Maggie gone from the show for so long?

Maggie’s injuries were written into the show so that Missy could take her maternity leave, so that Missy and her husband, Tom Oakley, could welcome their second child to the world.

Missy’s maternity leave started in June and lasted three months, which is why her character was initially set to return to the show in September, but over time, this deadline was moved to 15 November which Missy and the show have both confirmed as her official return date.

What does the synopsis say about Maggie’s first episode back in FBI?

From the synopsis of this 15 November episode, titled “Ready or Not”, it is clear that although Maggie is back on the team and cleared for duty, the team may have doubts about whether she is truly ready to face the job again.

The show’s creators have also emphasised the fact that Maggie will have to deal with long term psychological damage as a result of the attack, even after her physical wounds have healed, which means that many struggles lie ahead for Maggie.