Is Queen of the South season 5 on Amazon Prime?

Queen of the South is available on Amazon Prime for purchase and streaming, however, there is another platform that offers the season for streaming only.


Between 2016 and 2021, Queen of the South kept fans entertained with five dramatic seasons that were premised on, “Teresa flees Mexico after her drug-runner boyfriend is murdered. Settling in Dallas she looks to become the country’s reigning drug smuggler and to avenge her lover’s murder.”

Following the conclusion of its television run in June 2021, fans waited for over a year for the series to be available on Netflix. During this time, the series was available on Amazon Prime Video and other video-on-demand platforms for purchase, though not for streaming.

Why was Queen of the South cancelled?

The announcement that Queen of the South was cancelled was made prior to the series finale by USA Network.

Allegedly, the biggest reason for the cancellation was that the series had a drastic drop in viewership numbers, with reports suggesting a 20 percent drop between season three and four, and an even bigger drop in season five.

Moreover, the change in television trends over the last few years is believed to be a factor in the cancellation.

Parent company of the series, NBCUniversal, is looking  towards investing in new programming as it attempts to infiltrate the video-on-demand streaming  industry.

Is Queen of the South season 5 on Amazon Prime?

Following the conclusion of Queen of the South’s television run, fans had to wait over a year until it was available for streaming on Netflix.

There were a number of popular paid subscription video-on-demand platforms that had the series finale available, including Amazon Prime Video.

However, there was a catch – Queen of the South season five was only available for purchase and not for streaming on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video.

Depending on what package users had of the leading service, the cost of purchasing an episode or the entire season varied.

Amazon Prime Video had an episode available for purchase at $2.99 each in HD format, or alternatively, had the entire season available for purchase in HD format for $19.99.

The more affordable price range was for the standard definition format of the season, which cost $1.99 for an episode or $14.99 for the entire season finale.

Queen of the South season 5 delay coming to Netflix

Since the beginning of Queen of the South and its arrival on Netflix, fans expected the series to be available on the streaming platform exactly a year after its natural television run on USA Networks.

As such, those who watched it on Netflix always expected the series to arrive on the platform between May and June – a year after the series had run on television.

However, due to the delays brought on by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the television and film industry, the rollout of the series on television and its subsequent arrival on Netflix was significantly affected.

Is Queen of the South now available on Netflix?

There was an almost two-year delay between the release of seasons four and five of Queen of the South, which was attributed to the effects of the pandemic.

As such, the television run of the season aired between April 2021 and June 2021, instead of the expected June to September of the four seasons before it. This meant that there would be a delay in the availability of the series on Netflix.

Though this time the streaming service did not wait until May or June of the next year to make the series available for streaming, instead, the release of season five was in April 2022.

Where else can I stream Queen of the South?

Unfortunately, if you want to stream season five of Queen of the South or the entire series easily, your best option is to get a Netflix subscription.

Currently, Netflix is the only video-on-demand streaming service that has the entire five seasons of the series available.

Other platforms that offer Queen of the South, similarly to Amazon Prime, only have the series available for purchase, whether you want to purchase an episode or an entire season.

These services include VUDU, Apple TV+, and Google Play, which retail the entire season in standard format for $14.99.

Final thoughts

Queen of the South might have concluded its television run on the USA Network in June 2021, but the series has a cult-following that had to wait a year for the arrival of the hit series on Netflix.

This is as the deal between the USA Network and Netflix meant that the latest season would always only be made available on the platform a year after it aired on television.

In the time fans had to wait, the fifth and final season became available on other leading paid subscription platforms such as Amazon Prime Video. However, the series was not available for streaming, but only for purchasing.