Is Sam Dingle leaving Emmerdale in 2022?

It is currently unclear whether Sam Dingle will be leaving Emmerdale in 2022, after he was impaled during the storm in the show’s anniversary episode.

Fans were really excited about the fiftieth anniversary episode of Emmerdale, since the show’s creators teased big changes to come.

One of these changes is the fact that fans are still uncertain whether Sam Dingle will be leaving the show in 2022 or not, since he was so severely injured in this episode.

All about the Emmerdale 50th anniversary episode

Emmerdale started in 1972 and it has been one of the most beloved British soap operas ever since.

However, even with many other popular soap operas ending their run on television, Emmerdale is still going strong and the show’s fiftieth anniversary episode, which aired on the 16 October 2022, caused quite a stir before, during, and after the episode aired.

Not only did the creators of Emmerdale get fans of the show riled up by announcing an hour-long, once-off episode of the show, but they also released an official cast photo and surprised fans with the news that the episode marked the show’s five decades milestone on television.

On top of that, it was announced that it would also feature a huge storm that would hit the town and that will spell disaster for the town and fans’ beloved characters, which means significant changes for the show in the future.

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Is Sam Dingle leaving Emmerdale in 2022?

When the episode finally aired, the show’s creators delivered on what they had promised viewers.

Although this anniversary episode starts off mainly focusing on Kim and Will Taylor’s wedding, there is an ever-growing sense of doom and tension throughout the episode, as the wind starts to pick up, and the skies darken as the storm approaches the Yorkshire town.

Although many Emmerdale characters have close calls during the storm with flying debris, finding themselves in dangerous situations, one of the scenes that shocked fans the most from this anniversary episode was seeing Sam Dingle jump out of the way of a stampede and landing straight on the spikes at the front of a tractor.

This horrible moment comes at the end of building and fading tension, as Sam, along with Belle and Nate, rushed to fix the doors of a barn while the storm picked up speed and momentum.

However, their efforts were in vain as the cows started to stampede out of the barn and towards Nate, Sam, and Belle.

These three characters fled with the stampede, and viewers saw that although Nate ended up underneath the stampede, he was unscathed when it passed.

Belle was also fine and rushed to Nate’s aid. However, it was soon revealed that Sam, who had jumped over a hay bale, was left impaled by the spikes of a tractor.

At the end of this episode, it is still quite unclear whether Sam will survive this incident, but fans who follow James Hooton, the actor that played Sam since 1995, on social media, think that Sam will join the list of characters that are leaving Emmerdale in 2022, based on his comments.

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Does the storm cause any other fatalities in the Emmerdale anniversary episode?

Sam’s fate and future on Emmerdale is still uncertain following the events of the anniversary episode, but he is not the only character that fans are worried about following the events of the storm.

As a result of this storm, Harriet Finch is killed by an exploding bike and although Kim Tate survived this same accident, she may still be in trouble.

Who has left Emmerdale so far in 2022?

Even though many fans are distraught at the thought of losing Sam after his 27 years on Emmerdale, other characters from the show have also left in 2022 and even though their absence is felt, the show has managed to continue without them just fine.

Some of the people who have left in 2022 include:

  • Gavin Ferris
  • Ellis Chapman
  • DS Rogers
  • Carol Butler
  • Meena Jutla
  • Jason Denshaw
  • Alex Moore
  • Christopher “Kit”
  • Sandra Flaherty
  • PC Harriet Finch

Why are some fans so certain that Sam Dingle will be leaving after this anniversary episode?

The news of Sam’s severe injury quickly spread throughout Emmerdale fan threads on social media and while most fans are just sad to see such a popular character hurt so badly, fans who follow James Hooton on Twitter believe that he has alluded that Sam is in fact dead, and that he will be leaving Emmerdale in 2022.

The actor jokingly asked if anything had happened in the anniversary episode yet and referred to the incident as being “DEAD funny”, which has fans concerned about Sam’s future on the show.