Is Siyanda on Blood And Water?

South African actress, Cindy Mahlangu, who played Siyanda on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen, simultaneously starred in Netflix’s Blood And Water as Zama.

Cindy Mahlangu is one of South Africa’s most prominent up-and-coming actresses, and has taken on multiple television roles in recent years. The actress’ roles have been diverse, causing for viewers to question if it has, in fact, been her in the various shows. Most notably, Cindy is known for her character on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen, Siyanda, Kagiso’s problematic girlfriend who caused major problems for the Khozas. In June 2020, Siyanda was killed by Kagiso’s girlfriend, Goodness.

During her time on The Queen, Cindy also took on the role of Zama on Netflix’s Blood And Water. Zama was a sassy high school girl who enjoyed the nightlife and having fun with her friends. Zama and Siyanda had contrasting personalities, causing confusion amongst viewers.