Is Sonny Corinthos leaving General Hospital?

Sonny will return to General Hospital, even though he technically never left, because after he fell off a bridge, Sonny was diagnosed with amnesia and is now known as Mike.

As far as fan-favourite characters go, Sonny Corinthos, played by Maurice Benard, is one of the characters of General Hospital that fans cannot resist.

In December 2020, fans witnessed Sonny and Julian Jerome fighting on a bridge, but the mob boss went missing after the bridge collapsed.

His loved ones in Port Charles were led to believe that he died in the fall, but General Hospital viewers and Nina Reeves knew that he was alive and living with amnesia in Nixon Falls.

Due to the amnesia, Sonny took on a new identity and became known as Mike. On 29 June 2021, Benard shared a video from his dressing room on the General Hospital set.

The actor was wearing a flannel shirt and danced around as the Dr. Hook song, Sharing The Night Together, played in the background. He also referred to his character, Mike, several times during the video.

Many fans commented on the video, stating that they want Sonny back, to which Benard replied with a simple heart emoji.

Based on this post, it seems that he was filming some scenes as Mike, as the show usually records the episodes about three to four weeks ahead of when the episodes air on ABC.

Shortly after the video featuring Benard as Mike was posted, the actor posted another video on Instagram. This time, he was evidently in Sonny mode.

Benard wore a dress shirt and blazer, styled just as the mob boss generally presents himself. The actor also wrote Sonny’s name in this caption, while he specifically used Mike’s in the prior one.

It also appears that the actor may have reduced the effects on his face between taping the two videos, while his hair was certainly in Sonny’s style in the new post.

This seemed to suggest that Benard had probably been recording as Sonny, but naturally, he could not reveal too many details.

The Sonny video attracted a lot of comments from the fans. One fan commented, “Hold the front door, Maurice is in Sonny clothes, that means we are getting our boy Sonny back very soon! Love it, and it is about time.”

Unfortunately, the curious fans did not get anything more than heart emoji responses in this case too.