Is South Park on Paramount Plus?

Some of South Park specials are already available on Paramount Plus, but some  previous and future episodes will not be available in the United States until 2025.

South Park has been airing for close to three decades, and the show is still one of the most popular comedy shows on the air.

This is also why streaming services keep outbidding each other to get the streaming rights to the show. Most recently, Paramount Plus won the exclusive streaming rights for all of the previous and future South Park episodes and specials from 2025.

How popular is South Park today?

South Park made its debut on Comedy Central in 1997. Since then, over 300 episodes have been developed for the franchise, as well as various animated films, special features, and music that has been created for the franchise over the years.

By the time that the 23rd season of the show was airing in 2019, South Park was the top cable comedy for the seventh consecutive year and had been watched for a total of 30 billion minutes through the course of the year, which proves that it is still as popular as it always.

Is South Park on Paramount Plus?

On account of the continued popularity of the South Park series and the rise in popularity of various streaming platforms that are bidding to get the most popular shows on their platforms, South Park has had quite a tumultuous journey in terms of its streaming availability.

At first, South Park episodes were available to stream in the United States on the South Park website. However, as interest in the show grew, a deal was signed that would make all of the South Park episodes available to stream on Hulu exclusively in 2014.

Then, in 2019, after various streaming services had bid for the rights to make the show available on their platforms, HBO Max finally won the South Park streaming rights for the years 2020 to 2025.

Unfortunately, this was not the end for the South Park streaming service hopping and as soon as this deal expires in 2025, the show will once again move its entire catalogue of episodes to another new streaming service.

It was officially announced on 15 February 2022 that Paramount Plus would be South Park’s new streaming home for audiences in the United States when the current deal with HBO Max expires in 2025.

Audiences outside of the United States can already watch South Park on Paramount Plus, since the show has been available on the platform internationally since 2022.

What about future South Park episodes?

All the future episodes of South Park, starting with season 27, which is currently set to premiere in 2024, will also be available to stream on Paramount Plus from 2025 in the United States.

Fortunately, South Park shows no signs of stopping its production any time soon. In fact, MTV Entertainment Studios and South Park’s co-creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, have already signed a deal that guarantees that the show will run, at the least, until its 30th season.

This deal also includes 14 specials that will air exclusively on Paramount Plus in the future.

What about the South Park specials?

Since the reported $900 million deal with ViacomCBS was finalised to ensure that South Park and its 14 specials would come to Paramount Plus, four of these unique made-for-television films have already premiered.

The first two specials, which were titled “Post COVID” and “Post COVID: COVID Returns,” were already released and made available to stream in 2021.

Following the release of these two films, South Park: The Streaming Wars and South Park: The Streaming Wars 2 were released in June and July of 2022. Thus, there are 10 South Park specials still to come.

All about the Paramount Plus streaming platform

If you are considering signing up for a Paramount Plus subscription in time for the 2025 South Park launch on the platform, or simply to watch the specials, there are a few important things to note.

Paramount Plus has two subscription tiers consisting of the Essential Plan, which is $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year, and the Premium Plan, which is $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

The Essential Plan is more affordable, but is ad-supported, whereas subscribing to the Premium Plan allows you to watch ad-free and live-stream content from your local CBS station.

However, if you are still hesitant about committing to a monthly or annual subscription, Paramount Plus will give you access to the platform’s entire library with hits from CBS, BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and the Smithsonian Channel, via a free trial week to test the service out.

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