Is there a season 5 of The Dragon Prince?

Season 5 of The Dragon Prince is expected to be released sometime in 2023, followed by season six and seven, which have already been confirmed.

Fans of The Dragon Prince knew that the fantasy series would be good before it even started airing, but now that four seasons have been released, they just cannot get enough.

Fortunately, The Dragon Prince has already been renewed by Netflix for its fifth, sixth, and seventh season. Moreover, since these seasons are already in production, the wait is expected to be much less than three years.

About The Dragon Prince

When it was originally announced that Netflix would be releasing a new action-fantasy animated series with Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz (the former head writer of the hugely popular Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series) at the helm, fans could not have been more excited.

The Dragon Prince’s first season called “Book 1: Moon” was officially released on the streaming platform in 2018.

Since then, fans have loved watching Callum, Ezran, and Rayla on their mission to restore peace between the dragons and humans of Xadia for three more seasons.

Is there a season 5 of The Dragon Prince?

Fans who had become avid watchers of The Dragon Prince in its first three seasons were kept on the edges of their seats when it took the series almost three years to finish and release its fourth season.

Fortunately, it does not seem like this kind of long wait between seasons will be the new norm for The Dragon Prince.

Netflix has already renewed The Dragon Prince, not only for a fifth season, but for a sixth and seventh season as well and it seems as though the upcoming fifth season of the show is all set to release in 2023.

Given that there was only a five-month waiting period between the first and second seasons of the series, and a nine month gap between the second and third, it may be safe to assume that if this pattern holds, the fifth season of The Dragon Prince could be released on Netflix as soon April of 2023.

This will come as especially good news to The Dragon Prince fans who felt like season four of the series was just setting up everything to come.

The creators of the show revealed in a recent Question and Answer session that the fifth season will definitely build on everything that happened in the fourth season and will create an entirely separate arc with seasons six and seven.

Is season 5 already in production?

In the Question and Answer session in which some of the creators of The Dragon Prince, including Aaron Ehasz (co-creator), Justin Richmond (co-creator), Devon Giehl (lead writer), and Stephanie Johnson (communications lead) answered several burning questions from fans, they confirmed that the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons of the series have been in production for some time.

Johnson then further reiterated that since the production process of these future seasons is already well underway, fans will definitely not have to wait as long for season five as they did for season four.

Will Aaravos be in season 5?

Although Aaravos was a central figure in the season four plot of The Dragon Prince and was heavily featured in most of the promotional material of the season, the character only ended up having a few minutes where he was actually on screen.

However, The Dragon Prince’s creators have clarified that the “Mystery of Aaravos” moniker that was introduced in season four was not really the name of the season, but rather an overarching plot that the story will continue to explore.

Fortunately, this means that fans will get to see much more of Aaravos in seasons five, six, and seven.

What will the tone of season 5 be?

The Dragon Prince’s creators have always had a difficult line to walk, since the show has become popular among people of a variety of ages.

This includes the fact that they often have to balance childish humour with the more serious emotional tones of the plot.

Some older fans of the show have been vocal about the disconnect they have felt when serious moments in the story are interrupted by silly jokes that do not really advance the plot, and Ehasz has confirmed that the writers have learned from these moments.

He also confirmed that seasons five, six, and seven will continue to go “deeper and darker with each new season,” but that the series will always retain its sense of humour.

This implies that The Dragon Prince fans can definitely expect a few more serious subjects in the coming seasons, and possibly even a few less fart jokes.