Is there a way to view all of Hulu’s library?

There is currently no way to view all of Hulu’s library because of the way the platform shares what is available in its collection.

Hulu is one of the leading paid subscription video-on-demand streaming services.

Founded in 2007, the platform is considered one of the three biggest on-demand streaming services alongside Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This has resulted in comparison of the platforms in the past and present.

However, while all these services offer distinctive and extensive libraries of films, documentaries, and television shows, they do have something in common.

Their one commonality is that Netflix and Amazon Prime, like Hulu, do not allow their subscribers to view all the content available in their libraries.

What is a library for Hulu?

A denotation of the term ‘library’ is, “a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for use or borrowing by the public or the members of an institution.”

Pertaining to Hulu, and other on-demand streaming platforms, a library refers to all the films, documentaries, and television shows available on the specific platform.

As such, each service has its own library of different films, documentaries, and television shows that they provide their subscribers.

Moreover, Hulu’s library grows everyday with more shows added on a daily basis, whether it is a new episode of a series or the addition of new films and documentaries.

Is there a way to view all of Hulu’s library?

Hulu is estimated to have over 3 000 titles in its library. The paid subscription platform is touted for its content that is more focused on recently aired popular US television shows and on-demand films and documentaries.

In most instances, these are made available to purchase via the platform rather than to stream.

This is in stark contrast to why Netflix is touted, which is for its expanding library filled with original Netflix content, whether television shows, films, or documentaries.

Moreover, Netflix also has the largest library between itself and Hulu. As highlighted before, though, the one commonality they share is that you currently cannot view the entire library of either paid subscription video-on-demand platforms.

This is not possible on Hulu because of the way the platform was designed. If you consider, for instance, when you are browsing on illegal streaming sites, how they offer viewers categories to choose from.

You can view the library in alphabetical order, by the latest releases, by searching through just the films and documentaries, or just the television shows available.

The alphabetical order allows you the opportunity to view all the contents in the website’s library. But with Hulu, and other trusted streaming services, this is not an option that is available.

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Hulu only provides certain categories for browsing through its library, including, “Popular TV Shows,” “Newly Added TV Shows,” etc. Therefore, these are the only ways to check if your desired programming is available on Hulu.

1. Use the “Search” button

One of the easiest ways to check whether your desired program is available on Hulu is using the “Search” option on the platform.

You can type in the title of the film, documentary, or television show you want to watch and if it does not appear after you have clicked “Search,” it is not available.

Although this option only works for subscribers who already have a Hulu subscription. If you do not have a Hulu subscription, there is something you need to do to ensure that you have access to your desired programming on Hulu.

2. Research and subscribe

If you do not have a Hulu subscription and you are interested in getting one as you are unsure whether the film, documentary, or television show you want to watch is available on the platform, the best option is to take to your search engine and search, “Is [name of the program] available on Hulu?”

If it is available, you can then consider investing in a Hulu subscription, and the biggest decision thereafter is which package to take.

How much is a Hulu subscription?

Currently, Hulu has multiple subscription packages. The two primary packages are the ad-supported packages for either $6.99 per month or $69.99 annually.

Alternatively, you can get the non-ad supported package which costs $12.99. Other packages that include the Hulu Live TV option are available, and you can find out the details here.