It might be time to say goodbye to Gold Rush: White Water

Gold Rush: White Water may have returned to finish its sixth season, but it seems like the odds are stacked against the show returning for another.

Getting to the end of Gold Rush: White Water season six was almost just as difficult as mining for gold in the whitewater creeks of Haines Borough.

And fans of the show had to wait through an extended mid-season hiatus (which lasted all the way to April of 2023) without no official updates on the fate of their favorite show.

However, now that all of this mystery behind-the-scenes drama is seemingly behind us, it is time to focus on the show’s future.

Why Gold Rush: White Water season seven is not going to happen

As always, Warner Bros. Discovery has not provided any official update yet about whether Gold Rush: White Water will be returning for a seventh season anytime soon.

But  we can make a few educated guesses about what Gold Rush: White Water’s future holds.

If what Reddit users reported in January of 2023 is true, and the producer of the show, Tim Dalby, really did confirm that Discovery had decided that Gold Rush: White Water was simply too expensive to make (though it seems like this alleged Facebook post has now seemingly been removed from his page), it is very unlikely that the network will green light yet another season.

But there are also several other hurdles that may stop the show in its tracks even if it does, somehow, get renewed by the network within the next few months.

The Gold Rush: White Water air dates

So far, Gold Rush: White Water has aired a total of four seasons over the years, as follows:

Season Date announced Initial air dates
Season 1 December 2017 January 19 to March 23, 2018
Season 2 December 2018 December 28, 2018, to March 22, 2019
Season 3 October, 2019 November 1, 2019, to February 14, 2020
Season 4 October, 2020 November 13, 2020, to March 12, 2021
Season 5 October, 2021 November 5, 2021, to March 18, 2022
Season 6 October, 2022 November 8, 2022, to June 9, 2023 (mid-season break from January 3 to April 14, 2023)

And although this history may lead you to believe that the seventh season of the show should be announced any day, the Hurt family’s historically hostile relationship with the network, the show’s continued casting issues, and all of the resources diverted to the other Gold Rush spin-offs, may just prevent Gold Rush: White Water from returning at all.

The drama between the Hurt family and Warner Bros. Discovery

Longtime fans of the Gold Rush franchise may know that Fred Hurt started out as one of the original show’s cast members back in 2011.

But just because The Dakota Boys eventually landed their  own spin-off series in the form of Gold Rush: White Water, it does not mean that they have always been on good terms with the Warner Bros. Discovery executives.

Fred, Dustin and the rest of their team disappeared from the show in 2014, and he later explained that financial concerns fueled their decision to leave the show.

He said, “If you want a Miner, call me…….if you want an Actor, pay me like one”. And with the way that the network reportedly handled the show’s season six production break, it seems like the communication between the two parties has not improved over the years.

Gold Rush: White Water’s continued cast issues

Another issue that could prevent Gold Rush: White Water from coming back is the fact that the show’s drama does not seem to end when the cameras stop rolling.

Of course, Fred Hurt tragically passed away in July 2023, after losing his battle with brain cancer. But the show has now also lost another important cast member.

Kayla Johanson, who has arguably become one of the show’s most interesting characters, also announced in June that she will not be coming back to the show for another season, confirming that the “less than satisfactory results” and “unnecessary amounts of drama” ultimately sealed the deal for her.

The other Gold Rush spin-offs

While Gold Rush: White Water has always been one of the most popular spin-offs within the Gold Rush franchise, it did air alongside the franchise’s original show for most of this last season.

Furthermore, it never quite managed to overtake this number one spot.

Gold Rush: White Water also has to compete with some of the other, newer Gold Rush spin-offs.

Some of these include Hoffman Family Gold, which has just concluded its second season and The Dirt, which is extremely cheap to film and has remained a fan-favorite for 10 seasons.

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  1. Keep Gold Rush White Water and get rid of Hoffman FG, Mine Rescue, or Turins Lost Mine(which seems to be done anyway) take the budget from any of those and keep a show that’s actually entertaining and not full of as much fake over dramatic acting like all 3 of those are. Yea I know all the shows are scripted but atleast in white water it’s actually real acting when a bolder falls 50+feet from above their heads and they have the fear of god put in them or the weather gets bad and the river starts raging. That’s what makes the show real for me and entertaining to see what happens and how they can overcome the real life challenges put in their path. I love all the gold rush shows don’t get me wrong even Bering Sea Gold as well. But cut the shows that have the worst ratings before you cut the shows people actually enjoy even if it’s not in the gold rush category. Make budget cuts where you see the ratings suck to improve shows you’re removing that deserve the budget the fans love


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