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Ivory Ella collaborates with 16-year-old childhood cancer advocate on latest collection

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The fashion brand, which seeks to raise funds for elephant conservation and various other social ills, is targeting childhood cancer with their latest collection.

Women’s apparel and lifestyle brand Ivory Ella’s current campaign seeks to shed light on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The brand has enlisted the help of childhood cancer fighter and advocate Megan Bugg. The brand was founded by a group of friends who wanted to express their passion for elephants, and other social causes, through fashion and business. Ivory Ella works to raise funds for elephant conservation as well as health, childhood education, social services and veteran-related charitable organizations.

Speaking on the importance of developing and maintaining relationships with various organizations, Ivory Ella’s creative manager commented:

“We develop relationships with organizations by aligning ourselves with like-minded individuals determined to make an impact on the elephant crisis. We maintain that relationship by staying in communication and co-ordinating initiatives that utilize our best assets to further our unified mission.”

Their latest collection recently launched on the brand’s official website and was co-designed by the 16-year-old Megan Bugg.

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