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Jacques De Silva joins cast of Isono as Josey

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Jacques De Silva has joined the cast of BET Africa’s Isono, taking on the character of Josey, an inmate who has befriended Abednego who has gotten involved with Gazati.

Jacques De Silva debuted on a recent episode of BET Africa’s Isono, which aired on Monday, 4 January 2021. The actor portrays the character of Josey, who has attempted to go about his prison sentence without any trouble by consciously staying away from the troublemakers. This was until he became friends with Abednego, who confided in him about his war with Gazati and Numbers, which has put his life at risk.

Once Gazati and Numbers became aware of his friendship with Abednego, they threatened to hurt him, unless Abednego gave into their demands. Gazati also singled Josey out and offered him protection from Numbers, so long as he provides insider information about Abednego and his relationship with Vorster. Gazati threated to hurt Josey’s grandmother if he refuses to spy for him.

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