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Jedd DeGenerous releases new single, Real Dreams

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Jedd DeGenerous has released his new single, Real Dreams, in collaboration with Soviet Jeans, whose title is said to incorporate the brand’s iconic slogan – Real People, Real Denim.

Jedd DeGenerous released his new single, Real Dreams, on Wednesday, 31 March 2021, on Apple Music. The singer, who gained traction as a contestant on the third season of The Voice SA, partnered with Soviet Jeans to come up with a song that captures the essence of the brand. According to a statement from LJHPR on the day of the song’s release, the collaboration was formed after Jedd was commissioned by the brand to create a song that encapsulates its iconic slogan – Real People, Real Denim.

Real Dreams talks about the promise to do better for those who have provided for you throughout your life, which is a common theme amongst the younger generation. Jedd stated, “I wrote this song with a lot of the emotions I had growing up. The goal I had in my head when writing this song was to connect with real people going through real struggles, and I’m hoping my words will make a difference by changing the way people think and act in these everyday situations they experience.”

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Real Dreams below.

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