Joocy enjoys romantic beach getaway in Number 1 music video, featuring DJ Tira and Prince Bulo

Joocy has released the music video for his latest single, Number 1, featuring DJ Tira and Prince Bulo, which sees him enjoying time at the beach with his love interest.

Joocy’s Number 1 music video, featuring DJ Tira and Prince Bulo, premiered today, 8 March 2021, on YouTube. The visuals open with Joocy relaxing in bed with his leading lady, as he performs his first verse whilst she dances along to the vibrant beat. Scenes of them walking and enjoying themselves at the beach are also shown, emphasising their carefree and uncomplicated love for one another.

Towards the middle of the music video, DJ Tira and Prince Bulo join in, as they collectively dance along to the upbeat track. Prince Bulo is seen posted at a white piano, where he assists with the instrumentals, whilst DJ Tira enjoys himself with a drink in his hand and women by his side.

The Afrotainment-produced single talks about choosing an individual as the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Joocy talks about prioritising that person, despite any outside influence.

Watch the Number 1 music video below.