Josiah De Disciple releases Spirits of Makoela, Vol. 2: The Reintroduction

Josiah De Disciple has released his much-anticipated album, Spirits of Makoela, Vol. 2: The Reintroduction, which has similarities with the recent release from Mr JazziQ.

Josiah De Disciple took to Twitter on Friday, 30 April 2021, to confirm the release of his new album, Spirits of Mokeola, Vol. 2: The Reintroduction. Josiah de Disciple had confirmed the imminent release of his album after the release of the other half of JazziDisciples, Mr JazziQ’s album, Party With The English. This resulted in comparisons between their latest offerings.

However, Josiah de Disciple did not opt to focus on the dance aspect of amapiano on the 12-track album. Instead, the producer-DJ played on his strength by producing an album that is nostalgic of the inception of amapiano, with the addition of vocals.

Already tapped as some of the fan-favourite singles are Sponono, featuring Fency, and Manuel, which he produced with Kabza De Small. Josiah de Disciple did not enlist popular names for his album, but rather, opted to work with new and upcoming artists. These include Badimo on the title track, Spirits of Makoela, Cecil M on Moratuwa, Jessica LM on Khuzeka, and Rams De Violionist on Violin Blues. Other notable singles include SMS, Amazon and Play Boy.

The album is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Spirits of Makoela, Vol. 2: The Reintroduction below.