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Joyous Celebration taps Days of Elijah as next single  

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Joyous Celebration has teased that its upcoming single will be Days of Elijah, which is taken from the acclaimed choir’s recently released album, Still We Rise

Joyous Celebration took to YouTube on Wednesday, 9 June 2021, to share the visuals of the single, Days of Elijah (Live). The single is from the choir’s 2021 album, Still We Rise. The choir has been set to release a music video every Friday from the live-recorded DVD and CD of the same name, which was shot in isolation at the Joburg Theatre.

The visualiser indicates that the single is tapped as the next release to have visuals released. Ahead of the release of Days of Elijah, the choir had released Cela. Cela is a praise hymn which speaks about asking Jesus as he always provides.

Days of Elijah is a worship hymn which is sung in English instead of isiXhosa. The single is led by the band as it opens the song in a purely instrumental solo before the choir begins singing. The song has elements inspired by the charismatic church, as the band delivers a lively strings and horn single.

Watch the Days of Elijah visualiser below.

Sabelo Makhubo
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