Kate Liquorish joins the cast of Isono as Athena

Kate Liquorish has been announced as the latest actress to join the star-studded cast of BET Africa’s Isono, taking on the character of Athena.

Kate Liquorish has joined the cast of BET Africa’s Isono, according to an Instagram post by the channel on Monday, 7 December 2020, assuming the role of Athena. The character’s entry into the storyline was when she was disturbed whilst at work by Abednego, who had stormed into her office, bleeding and visibly hurt.

Without giving an explanation, he immediately grabbed the phone to call for help, as Athena screamed for help from Mannie. To her surprise, Gabriel entered the room and nonchalantly asked her to calm down as it was just part of his business. Athena then threatened to call his mother and inform her of his antics, indicating that she was tired of Gabriel’s behaviour and attitude.

Kate Liquorish is well-known for her roles on M-Net’s original drama series, Still Breathing, as well as Netflix’s first African original drama series, Queen Sono.

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