KayGee DaKing and Bizizi release new single, Lesilo, featuring DJ Tira

KayGee DaKing and Bizizi have released their new song, Lesilo, featuring DJ Tira, which has sparked a dance challenge since its release.

KayGee DaKing and Bizizi released their new single, Lesilo, featuring DJ Tira, on Friday, 12 March 2021, on Apple Music. The new single takes on an amapiano beat, with KayGee DaKing and Bizizi providing the vocals throughout the song and DJ Tira joining in towards the end. The title, Lesilo, translates to “the beast” and talks about the internal feelings someone gets when they have the urge to dance and have fun.

Lesilo has also sparked a dance challenge, and participants have been sending their renditions to KayGee DaKing. The musician has been reposting the videos on his Instagram page, which show his fans enjoying his new single. The dance challenge has a choreographed routine for the chorus, with the verses allowing for freestyle movement.

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Lesilo below.