Kefilwe Mabote poses for luxury fragrance brand, Jean Paul Gaultier

The South African model and influencer took to Instagram to share an image of her latest campaign with luxury fragrance brand, Jean Paul Gaultier.

South African beauty and fashion influencer, Kefilwe Mabote, took to Instagram on Monday, 9 September 2019, to share her latest campaign with luxury fragrance brand, Jean Paul Gaultier, in a post. The image shows the beauty influencer lying on top of a red carpet. She wears a pink bodysuit under a silk, brown dressing robe, adorned with flower petals all over her hair.

Kefilwe can be seen lying next to actor and model, Thabang Molaba, wearing a bright red dressing robe. The South African model captioned the image expressing the scene of the shoot, likening it to an enchanted space. She also mentioned that the campaign is for the recent launch of the two male and female Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances, shot by acclaimed photographer, Gerard Estadella. “Lying on a magic carpet and lost in the moment as I listen to the enchanting whispers between LaBelle and LaBeau”, she wrote.

The model was recently in Marrakech and shared bikini shots of herself holding the fragrances. She however, did not explicitly mention that she was part of the recent perfume campaign which was shot at a resort style hotel in Marrakech.

Social media users were pleasantly surprised by the campaign, with many sharing congratulatory messages and compliments to the model for the international recognition.