Khanyi Mbau joins in the humour of being likened to Sizwe Dhlomo’s new horse

Media personality, Khanyi Mbau, has likened her cosmetic transformation to Sizwe Dhlomo’s Percheron horse, with fans rallying for Sizwe to name the horse after her.

On Wednesday, 16 October 2019, Khanyi Mbau continued to liken herself to Sizwe Dhlomo’s latest trending purchase on social media. Sizwe took to social media on Sunday, 13 October 2019, to share that he was about to purchase a new horse from Bloemfontein.

Posting a video of the female Percheron horse, Sizwe stated that he “Drove to Bloemfontein this morning to buy this horse. She’s a registered pure Percheron, two years old and already massive! She’ll turn white at around year five or six.” Khanyi Mbau took to Twitter and asked, “Is her name Khanyi Mbau?”

The Uzalo actress continued her candid nature about lightening her skin complexion in the past. One follower commented on her post, writing, “When you own your [truth], nobody [can] shade you about it.” Another social media user stated, “I love your humour.”

After Sizwe revealed the horse’s name as Sheena, social media users petitioned that the horse should be called Khanyi Mbau. One follower took to Sizwe’s posted and said, “Khanyi Mbau, repeat after me, Khanyi Mbau. [Who] is Sheena?” Sizwe responded to the follower, writing, “If I name her that, she’ll keep leaving me for richer owners.”

The two personalities have continued exchanging quips. After Sizwe posted an image of Sheena after her first bath, with the difference in the shade of her coat apparent, Khanyi said, “Stop taking pictures of me.” One social media user suggested that to end the rivalry, Khanyi “needs to take a picture with [the] horse.”

Watch Sizwe Dhlomo’s video below.